Winton Castle wedding

winton house wedding photographer





Rebecca and Liam had a fabulous wedding at Winton Castle, they had the whole castle to themselves (and their their guests of course !)
and were blessed with the very best weather that Scotland can offer.

They planned a relaxed affair, and that’s exactly what they got.

I could see subtle signs of a lot of planning everywhere,
but everything was done very tastefully and the emphasis was most definitely on having a good day with family and good friends.

I felt really sad to leave this wedding,
everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much – I stayed until quite late
(it was summer – I stayed until after dark – and if you know roughly what time it gets dark in summer . . . you’ll realise that I stayed late !)

Thank you Rebecca and Liam – for allowing me to be a tiny part of your wonderful wedding day.

I think that the pictures speak for themselves.

Much happiness 🙂


winton castle wedding photographer

winton house wedding photographer

I slink about the room, taking pictures,

a bit like a slinky thing that takes pictures.

At one point – I take a picture from the back of the room,

mainly to show the spectacular setting and what looks to me like a tudor strapwork ceiling. 

But what the heck do I know about ceilings . . . it could be anything.
Actually; If I say that it’s a plaster ceiling,

that’s a pretty safe bet for a decent description of it.

At any rate – one seems to get splendid surroundings at a Winton Castle wedding !

scottish borders wedding photographer

winton house wedding photographer

winton castle wedding photographer

Yaay.  Married !

winton castle wedding photographer

scottish borders wedding photographer

Above, we see Rebecca and Liam, waiting to be introduced into the dining room for their wedding breakfast.
one of the three prints on the wall is by the artist, Albrecht Durer.

I’m a bit of a fan of Albrecht Durer – he was a trailblazer in his day.
I made a journey to visit his house in Nuremburg last year.
Durer wasn’t there.  He’d left a while ago.
I did go to a place filled with stones and flowers – and actually found the spot where Durer is spending his time at the moment . . . but that really is another story,

Coincidentally – I was chatting to Rebeccas father, and he’s also a fan of Durer, I think he said he owns some of his prints.
(and that’s a big thing ! . . . seriously !)

aaaaanyway.  the three prints flow quite nicely towards our lovely couple.
and I’m not sure that Liam and Rebecca were even aware that I was taking the picture.

winton castle wedding photographer

I swing by my teeth from a chandelier in order to take this picture.

winton house wedding photographer

You can certainly tell that this man is super happy. 
and the beautiful Girl too !

I think she’s happy that he’s happy

that she’s happy that he’s happy . . .


oh. you know.  I think it’s called love.

scottish borders wedding photographer

winton house wedding photographer

Ah, speeches.

the feller speaking very eloquently in the picture below – is Rebeccas father,
(you know – he’s the fellow who likes the artist Albrecht Durer)
in this picture – the speech scene is overlooked by a previous occupant of Winton Castle, she’s fixed for eternity in a picture frame.

winton castle wedding photographer

winton castle wedding photographer

winton castle wedding photographer


This was surely the loveliest wedding I could ever hope to attend.





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Oh – in case you’re curious about Winton Castle weddings, and perhaps might like to investigate the place further

here’s a link to the Winton Castle wedding website

winton castle wedding website

(you need to click the link)     obviously . . .   duh.