Wynyard Hall wedding

wynyard hall wedding

Wynyard Hall wedding


the Wynyard hall wedding of Kerriann and David


Kerri and David booked me absolutely ages ago, for their Wynyard Hall wedding.

We had a chat in the studio just before the wedding,
and the surprising result of the chat was :

David would like a picture involving a tree.

any tree would do, as long as it was at Wynyard Hall,
on his wedding day, and featured himself and Kerri.


So – we have a massive Neoclassical mansion to play with,
and David would like a picture of a tree.

Not a problem thinks me, there are lots of trees around Wynyard Hall,
it’s just a case of ‘pick a tree’ and we use it for a picture.


anyway – you’ll be wanting to see some pictures of Kerri and Davids Wynyard Hall wedding.


here goes . . .


wynyard hall wedding

This is the moment, in the Lady Theresa room at Wynyard Hall,
when Kerrri emerged in full wedding combat gear
to the general acclaim of the assembled host of bridesmaids
and mums.

wynyard hall wedding


This is a picture of David and his best man Jonathan,
waiting in the chapel at Wynyard Hall.
The guys are smiling,
guests are milling about (as guests tend to mill about before a wedding).

wynyard hall wedding

and . . . we have lift off . . .

three bridesmaids, one father and one bride
are launched from the portico at Wynyard.

they streak towards the target ( Wynyard Hall chapel)
at a dizzying speed.

well – it wasn’t that dramatic really,
I was just trying to make the words a bit more interesting to read.

it’s slightly more interesting reading than

‘bride walks toward chapel’.


wynyard hall wedding

random picture of confetti in doorway of Wynyard Hall wedding chapel.wynyard hall wedding

OK this is the Wynyard Hall wedding chapel,
shot using my camera drone thing with four rotor blades,
it hovers nicely just above the entrance doorway,
it’s quite quiet – so nobody notices it above their heads.

wynyard hall wedding

Whilst my drone is hovering above,
I’m zooming in down below.
this is Kerri and David in the process of becoming Mr and Mrs Siberry.

wynyard hall wedding

And no wedding is complete without a bit of paperwork.
This picture shows the scene,
as assembled wedding personnel
are briefed by the Commanding officer
(in white winter camouflage cape)
whilst an organist cunningly makes distracting noises to the right.


wynyard hall wedding


oh – I should be more serious here – it isn’t winter camouflage
and he isn’t the commanding officer – he’s the vicar
(and a very decent fellow too)

Kerri lovingly cuddles into her man,
as Jonathan the best man, witnesses the wedding,
and Kerris father standing in the centre,
no doubt heaves a heartfelt sigh.

he was very emotional on his daughters wedding day.

you can tell, can’t you.

wynyard hall wedding


Happy and beaming with radiant smiles
our couple gallop down the aisle.

wynyard hall wedding


And have a rather cool picture taken with the wedding party
(cool as in. brrrr. it was sunny, but a tad chilly on this October day)wynyard hall wedding


Kerri wants to check the cake – so this is Kerri about to bat the cake over the head with a bouquet.


wynyard hall wedding


And . . although David’s special request was a tree
or any sort of wooden construction with leaves on it.

Kerri had a special request

‘ I would like a nice picture in the Chapel’

O.K. I think, go for it.

Above is one chapel, suitably dramatic looking,
complete with Kerri and David. as requested.


wynyard hall wedding


and outside, David is smiling.
we’ve found him a tree.

(this one is a Aesculus Hippocastanum tree)

I only know this because I looked it up.

it makes me sound clever doesn’t it.


ooh – look, there’s an Aesculus Hippocastanum tree.

you don’t hear that every day . . .


( Aesculus Hippocastanum is the Latin name for Horse Chestnut tree)

or if you’re a pleb like me, you can call it a conker tree.



wynyard hall wedding


Kerri and David suddenly see the funny side of things,
and do some sort of wierd Eskimo kiss rubbing noses thing.

I didn’t know they were Eskimos.

oh well, I learn something new every day . . .


wynyard hall wedding


Aww. she’s happy. He’s happy. what more can we ask for ?

he’s got his tree. (and his girl !)



wynyard hall wedding


I try hard to involve a certain neoclassical mansion in the picture
along with Davids conker tree.



wynyard hall wedding

We nab a couple of pictures before hopping back inside to spend time with the wedding guests.


wynyard hall wedding


David offers to blow a kiss for Kerri.
Kerri might have preferred a real kiss

so she shows that she’s not amused



wynyard hall wedding


By whacking the poor feller across the head.

this was real !

and it was also quite funny to watch 🙂wynyard hall wedding

wynyard hall wedding

I ask where we should take another picture.
Kerri and David consider this for a moment.

wynyard hall wedding


in front of Wynyard Hall. wynyard hall wedding


Apparently, David has a habit of Kissing Kerri on the forehead

well. I guess there’s no law against it . . .



wynyard hall wedding


I hop indoors

and find leafy things here and there ( David likes trees . . . I think I’ve explained )

cleveland wedding florist


This is a picture of some out of focus plant thing on a table.

wynyard hall wedding


Ah the room, you’ll want to see the room.

This is Wynyard Hall Ballroom, laid out for the wedding of Kerrri and David.wynyard hall wedding

And in the corner, a cake
(with what looks like tree branches or maybe roots or something wierd growing around it).



wynyard hall wedding


David explains how lovely and perfect his wife is.

wynyard hall wedding


The best mans speech begins with some toasts.


no – not toast from a toaster as in breakfast toast with marmalade  you loony


but I guess you could describe the speaker as a toaster

if he were toasting someone or something . . .


hmmm. that’s one to think about . . .

wynyard hall wedding

Just in case anyone doesn’t quite grasp who’s speaking,
a helpful powerpoint slide is shown on the wall


( to be honest – there were a lot more slides, with pictures n things . . . )

wynyard hall wedding


later in the afternoon

I spot this picture,

girls to the right, doing girly things

men to the left, doing bloke things.

wynyard hall wedding


You will probably wonder why the sky is actually this colour.


well. there was a thunderstorm,
everything turned kinda . . . yellow,

then the sky went into a sort of pinky orangey colour phase

(the decaying thunderhead is over to the right – being blown away by the wind).


wynyard hall wedding


Another picture taken in the storm light,

the storm has completely passsed over – that thunderhead is towering above,

what we see in the picture above, is the base of the storm going away out to sea.

wynyard hall wedding

More pictures – we turned and looked in the opposite direction this time,
you can see that the cloud is towering up to the left of the picture
(above some medium level clouds)

wynyard hall wedding

An evening mist rises from the damp ground after the thunderstorm
and settles into hollows as the sun sets.

wynyard hall wedding

And a final picture. one couple, silhouetted against the skyline
storm clouds definitely gone now.


Thank you Kerri and David,
it was an absolute pleasure to be a small part of your wedding day.