wedding marquee Northumberland

Emma and Keith were married in the heart of Northumberland

and had their wedding reception in a marquee on their farm.


wedding marquee northumberland_0012

The fabulous weather (and of course the fabulous countryside ) made for some pretty darned lovely wedding pictures.


rural wedding northumberland

We started the day at the church, did the churchy things,
hello – seen you before somewhere – here’s a ring

oh – I’ve got one for you too . . .

ooh we’re married.

That’s doing a great disservice to the church really – the church was in Mitford,

it’s ancient – with medieval origins, its a flipping historic pile of stonework – and well worth an article on my website on it’s own

but I’m concentrating on the wedding reception here . . .

(otherwise I will get totally confused and start talking about church things like rood screens and Chancels

and you’ll get bored . . .

so to stave off any signs of boredom

here’s a picture of four men blasting shotguns at a bride and groom

I’ve managed to time the shot reasonably well, and captured the smoke and flame coming out of the barrel of one of the guns.

yes . . . you noticed, the shots are fired over their heads . . .

Well. That does make things a little safer, doesn’t it !
what could possibly go wrong ??

wedding marquee northumberland

Arriving at the marquee, our hero and heroine hop up the steps and skip into the marquee.

(slight exaggeration there . . . artistic licence you understand . . .  🙂 )

the feller doing the introduction in the marquee,

The master of ceremonies, is a shepherd, he used his sheep whistle to keep the guests in check . . .

wedding marquee northumberland

wedding marquee northumberland

Speeches ensue, and the ritual humiliation of the groom is undertaken by the best man, who makes reference

to an incident on a dual carriageway involving a tractor . . .


wedding marquee northumberlandwedding marquee northumberlandwedding marquee northumberland

As the light starts to fade – men armed with a blowtorch, light candles to attract evening guests

(and probably moths and bats etc – this is the countryside after all).wedding marquee northumberlandwedding marquee northumberland

Ah – did I mention the light beginning to fade ?

we were treated to a rather magnificent sunset

so . . . keeping things serious ( or not . . . )

the wedding party generally larked about in the dusk.

wedding marquee northumberland_0013

wedding marquee northumberland

This particular marquee was something like Doctor Who’s tardis . . .

well – not quite a time machine, but when you stepped inside, it became apparent that it was quite huge.

a full dance floor was fitted at one end – along with a band

The final pictures show our lovely bride,dancing with her father at the end of the evening.

wedding marquee northumberland

Thank you Emma and Keith, for trusting me with your wedding pictures !