Two fellers got married.

gay wedding northumberland

David and Paul.  married at Langley Castle. braving the Northumberland weather.

gay friendly photographer north east

David and Paul chose to marry in deepest darkest Northumberland,
and for better or worse – it rained cats and dogs all day.

To get a handful of pictures outside – we ran laughing from brollies to trees


The rain didn’t dampen anyones spirits at all

and I can safely say
that each and every guest and family member at that wedding
had a terrific time.

I did too.

north east gay wedding pictures

I’d never photographed two fellers marrying before,

(I’ve photographed two girls being married, and it was a brilliant experience,
they were and are, lovely people,
but I haven’t been able to show the girls pictures on my website
because of what sounds like prejudice against lesbians in a certain part of a certain country).

So I was slightly nervous about photographing two fellers. . . I stupidly thought – what will the ‘getting ready photos’ look like.

You know what ? – they looked like someone getting ready for a wedding. 🙂

I guess I over worried that one . . .

The pictures looked good, they were dignified, sincere.
Just as you’d expect really !

And with a lot of fun thrown into the mix too of course !

The wedding was live streamed to Australia via an iPad,
magnificently handled by the super-helpful Aiden at Langley Castle

As I understand it – you need to use the iPad a bit like a mirror,
so Aiden is holding the iPad at an angle that will reflect the image of the guys getting married,
kinda downwards, so the people down in Australia can look up and see what’s going on,

Well, they’ll be down there in Australia looking up to the iPad,
but I guess, in reality – down there, they’ll be looking downwards to see us up here . . .

Jesus H Christ, this round earth thing does my head in.
It was a lot simpler a year or two ago when I thought it was flat.

gay wedding north east

gay wedding north east


gay friendly wedding photographer england


Two Australian bridesmaids. Amy and Rebecca, aged 9.

Their humour was quick.   Quick as a flash really.
Above, you see them checking their pics on a phone.

Below – mucking about with a posed picture.

I mentioned that the little twin girls are Australian.

I realised that they weren’t very old
( see – I’m really perceptive.  I notice stuff like this all the time !)
– so I tried to have a bit of fun with them, maybe break the ice, I thought.

I said ‘you’re from Australia, right . . . and that’s on the other side of the world . . .’

‘yes’ they said.

I said ‘ but that means that down there – on the bottom of the world . . . you’ll be upside down
– so how do you stay on ?’


Quick as a flash – they replied

‘ we use MAGNETS’

There wasn’t much I could say to that.
Brilliant humour from a nine year old; put me in my place, totally.


The whole wedding was such a serious affair . . .


see if you can spot the vicar in the picture above. 🙂

more pictures to follow . . .