Redworth Hall wedding

redworth hall wedding

The Redworth Hall wedding
of Chaggers and Kat


Just to be clear, before I digress, this is a Redworth Hall wedding.


So – about this wedding . . . it’s Andrew and Kathryns Redworth Hall wedding.

Andrews surname is Chaganis.

somehow, Chaggers just sounds right . . .


Andrew is in the RAF, doing something incredibly important for his country,

and he’s to marry Kathryn, love of his live,
she’s a girl who is always smiling
and she has a wicked sense of humour.
(I know this – Kat is a really upbeat girl,
you can’t help smiling when you’re in her company).


Anyway – you’ll be wanting to see some pictures . . .

The picture below, shows the scene

the two little black dots in the sky above the chimneys are swallows,

the sky was blue – the day was perfect . . .

(not long after this picture, it rained ! flipping heck,
with a start to the day like this . . . we had rain ! )

oh – by the way, I placed the pinky purple bush thing in the foreground
in exactly this spot – so that I could use the bush
to conceal the parked cars in front of the Hotel.

Cunning eh ! I carry this big pink bush in my car boot,
it appears at all the best weddings.


redworth hall darlington


redworth hall wedding


Moving closer – we see that guests are circulating near to the front door
the words Redworth Hall Hotel are helpfully chiselled above the front door
so that everyone realises that they’ve came to the correct place.


redworth hall wedding


I locate some parent types outside of the doorway
and nab a quick snap.



redworth hall wedding

I hop inside – things are happening.
the seats are all standing to attention,
a red carpet running up the aisle,
two fellers, in most of their RAF uniforms,
are chatting to the registrars.







redworth hall wedding

The groom and best man are here

they’re taking things very seriously

Well, they took things seriously until they found a couple of pokers near to a fireplace

so they had an impromptu sword fight.


as one does . . .


redworth hall wedding

Ah. Things are looking more formal now.

redworth hall wedding

Andrew waits for his bride<

guests chat politely
the registrar says something witty.

redworth hall wedding

She’s here – and what a lovely smile,
you can tell that the pleasure on both faces is absolutely real.

redworth hall wedding

Guests sit down,
and Andrew says something loving and meaningful to his bride.

redworth hall wedding


One wedding service ongoing.
There are two registrars,
one is seated in the corner, doing paperwork,
the other stands in the centre of the stage area – he is cleverly disguised as a flower arrangement.


redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding 037


Have you got the rings ?

‘ What do you mean, rings, I don’t have any rings – did you say I should bring the rings ?’

redworth hall wedding 038


Yes, he had the rings 🙂

redworth hall wedding 039


redworth hall wedding 040


I get curious about what the registrar is reading
so I zoom in on his book


redworth hall wedding 041

‘and here’s another ring’.


redworth hall wedding

I think they’re married at this point.

or. isn’t there something that has to be signed . . .

redworth hall wedding


Yes. sign here sir.redworth hall wedding


And having signed the register,
wedding guests leap forward with cameras.
redworth hall wedding

I use the opportunity to get a picture of the bouquet.

redworth hall wedding

An extremely happy looking couple walk down the aisle at Redworth Hall



redworth hall wedding


I go into black and white mode

because . . . well,  just to see what it looks like really

( I should invent some artistic reason,
but I’m really just a random person at heart).redworth hall wedding


For some obscure reason and the logic of this is quite difficult for me to fathom,

Redworth Hall staff, at Redworth Hall weddings,
lead the couple into a drawing room immediately after they’re married,
then . . guests go one way, couple then exit the building . . .



redworth hall wedding


This is . . you guessed it, couple exit the building !redworth hall wedding

And they nab a cheeky kiss in the doorway as . . .

redworth hall wedding

I step back and take in a view of the Redworth Hall Hotel wedding scene,
drinkies laid out on a table to the right,
a trained Lion is holding a parasol in his right ear to the left of the picture

redworth hall wedding

The sun comes out momentarily, everyone smiles . . .

redworth hall wedding

And the guests discover where the couple are,
( a bit of a wierd arrangement this, guests go out of back of hotel, couple exit to front,

but hey-ho, it worked . . . once the guests worked it out – they all came round to the front,

the picture above shows the moment that the guests realised where the couple are.

redworth hall wedding

So once we have all of the guests together,
we nab a quick picture using my camera carrying drone.

my drone is a contraption with four propellers
and can take pictures at weddings from above like this,

the only slight risk
is that if it goes out of control – it might chop off a fascinator

or maybe behead someone, but I think the risk is acceptable to get a decent picture.

My drone also carries hellfire missiles
which means that guests are usually polite to me.

redworth hall wedding

Some family pictures in front of Redworth Hall Hotel
wedding attire on the gents looks decidedly dapper

redworth hall wedding

Oh no. The R.A.F. fellers have this insane idea of lifting the bride in the air<
she’s thinking,  ‘I’m not entirely sure of this’

redworth hall wedding

Yep. Mission successful, bride airborne, now doing circuits around the building.

redworth hall wedding


R.A.F. Officer in typical relaxed pose.
redworth hall wedding

Ah – that’s what he’s doing with the golf club . . .
The golf clubs nicked in a daring R.A.F. raid on the nearest mini golf course
(honestly – it’s true – all of this is true !)

redworth hall wedding


At this point, it’s traditional for the ossifers to lower the swords
( sorry, lower golf clubs)

and the groom then does something with one of the guard of honours rear end (I think)


redworth hall wedding

redworth hall wedding


One best man with an improvised swagger stick.

redworth hall wedding 086


Back inside at this Redworth Hall wedding, a bit of mingling goes on
(the weather has turned a bit rotten outside,
wet stuff is falling from the heavens . . . can’t go outside in that . . .


or can we ??

did I explain that the bride is perhaps a little crazy ?
(crazy in a way that I like).


more to follow.

bride up a tree ?

no. surely not.


in the rain ?
you mean, bride up a tree in the rain ?

but first . . there was confetti


and mini golf

mini golf ?? – Kat wanted to play mini golf . . .

O.K. we can do mini golf, but remember those rain clouds are gathering . . .


redworth hall wedding picture


so we do confetti . . Kat has brought rather a lot of the stuff

and we have enough confetti ballistics experts
to ensure that most of it reaches the target.redworth hall wedding picture

a post confetti flutter pictureredworth hall wedding picture


guests check to see if their pictures came out . . .
redworth hall wedding picture


and as rain clouds gather . . . Kat decides that she wants to play mini golf.



redworth hall wedding picture


Chaggers looks on as Kat whacks the ball toward the hole
(the ball is that blue thing that’s making its way
down the slopey thing in the middle of the picture).


redworth hall wedding picture


Then Kat announces that she’d like to climb a tree.

I wonder if she really means – climb a tree . . .

like, clamber up into the branches in her wedding dress . . .

in the rain . . .


yes. she did actually mean ‘climb a tree’


so I do my best to get a nice picture of


‘bride in a tree’


redworth hall wedding picture


To be fair, she’s only about 2 metres off the ground,
but in a big dirty old tree, and in a wedding dress . . .



redworth hall wedding picture


Kat and Chaggers did nothing but laugh and smile all day,
after the ‘bride in a tree’ incident,
you can see they’re taking this ‘wedding photos’ thing very seriously . . .


redworth hall wedding picture



redworth hall wedding picture


The little shower of rain that made us shelter under/up the tree has ceased,
and we make our way back to the Redworth Hall wedding celebrations


picking up a little bridesmaid on the way . . .


redworth hall wedding picture



redworth hall wedding packages


Kat and Chaggers check out the room.

redworth hall wedding packages


It’s an absolute delight to see the happiness on Kats face,
she’s got her dream day, with the man of her dreams,
and it shows.

redworth hall wedding packages


View of the room from above, just before the guests enter for the wedding breakfast.

redworth hall wedding packages


Two girls are taking a picture . . . what are they photographing ?

wedding cake county durham


Ah, it’s this sculpture thingy,

perched on top of the cake,
and artfully made from cement or something.


redworth hall wedding packages


The room is filled with guests,
everyone’s seated, and I nab a quick picture before the meal.

redworth hall wedding packages


Oh – two quick pictures.
one of which is zoomed in a bit

( you guessed that bit didn’t you !)

redworth hall wedding packages


Thinking it might be fun to get an aerial picture of the room,
I deploy my camera drone again.


redworth hall wedding


Top table in conversation.



redworth hall wedding



redworth hall wedding


Two brothers,
one of whom says ‘take a picture of me and my bro’


so I do . . .

redworth hall wedding


So whilst I’m taking the picture,
the dastardly feller immediately grabs his Bro’s face and almost twists his head off.

Brotherly love I guess . . .

redworth hall wedding


I climb aloft again, and I’m spotted by one bride and groom who wave at me.

darn – my cover’s been blown.

redworth hall wedding


Yes, they’ve definitely spotted me up here.

I’ll return to ground level.

(mental note, adjust flaps for approach, reduce speed, nose up . . .

aaah  perfect landing . . . )

redworth hall wedding


I continue taking pictures and being spotted by observant guests and family . . .

redworth hall wedding


So I decide to take a picture of a bouquet instead of focussing on people all of the time.

hmm. that’s Kat, the bride, behind the bouquet . .


redworth hall wedding


One Happy bride.

redworth hall wedding


Champagne is poured – the reason being,
the speeches are about to commence.
Now what’s Kat up to in the background of the champagne picture ?




redworth hall wedding

She’s located the bubbles.

‘thar she blows’

sorry, that’s a nautical term – this is an RAF wedding,
so I should be thinking up aeronautical terms.

redworth hall wedding



Brides father makes speech.


redworth hall wedding


Then Groom makes speech
( yes – all of you serial wedding attenders will know that the speeches are usually in this order)





redworth hall wedding


Guests listening to speeches (listening to grooms speech at this point).



redworth hall wedding



Best man stands up with extremely small piece of paper
( was it a post it note ?)
which contained his speech.

redworth hall wedding


On my wanderings, I locate three giggling bridesmaids.


redworth hall wedding


Then Kat announces that she’d like some more pictures of herself and her husband Chaggers, outside.

the above picture is inside. there is a reason for this. it’s called


redworth hall wedding


so we wander about the place, taking pictures here and there until the rain stops.

redworth hall wedding


Kat really wanted to have some pictures in the folly
(I’m guessing that this building is called the folly – if not – I’ve just renamed it)

above – you see Kat and Chaggers, being serious, as per usual.

redworth hall wedding 189


still being serious.  ( not ).

by the way – it’s raining cats and dogs,
so I’m standing in the rain, taking pictures – whilst these guys shelter in the folly.





redworth hall wedding 192


fortunately I carry mahoosive white brollys in my car.

this came in pretty handy for our return to the wedding celebrations

redworth hall wedding 199


Did I mention wedding celebrations ?

lots of that sort of thing went on.
above, you see Kat and Her beloved feller, dancing.

redworth hall wedding 202

A final picture before I leave.

Thank you Kat and Andrew,
for allowing me to be a small part
of a wonderful day, spent with lovely people.



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