Otterburn Castle wedding

otterburn castle

Otterburn Castle Weddings

Here are one or two (or three) pictures

from the wedding of Angela and David, at Otterburn Castle, Northumberland

Theirs was a winter wedding,
so, to set the scene – there are pictures of mist and frost . . .

otterburn castle

And from the atmospheric shadows in a room with leaded windows

and small conical christmas trees on the window sill

we se some figures emerging from the mist,
carrying wedding things . . . the day begins !

otterburn castle

Wedding things happen, a pretty girl arrives, dressed in red

(it’s Christmas !)

an old kilted and bearded feller looks on . . .

vows are spoken then . . . married !

otterburn castle

For a few moments,

remember – this is winter, so think, frosts, mists, and icy finger nipping cold, so we don’t stay outside for long . . .

we venture outside and take a few pictures in the grounds of Otterburn Castle.

otterburn castle

Then swoosh back inside.

otterburn castle

The last picture shown, is of Otterburn Castle in the dark,

with Angela and David in the foreground of course.

A good day !