Otterburn Castle wedding pictures

Otterburn Castle wedding pictures

some pictures from the wonderful crazy simply perfect wedding day
of Rachel and Alexander at Otterburn Castle in Northumberland.


In case you’re wondering where Otterburn Castle Hotel is . . . here is a handy linky thing.   click it to see Otterburn Castles website
Otterburn Castle weddings

back to business .  here we find some bridesmaids – doing bridesmaid things in the morning.





One bride trying hard to be serious – having makeup applied . . .

Four bridesmaids and one helper – definitely not trying to be serious !

more from these girls later –
they were definitely one of the liveliest, happiest, most funloving groups of girls I’ve had the pleasure to meet at a wedding.

Rachel hits the top of the aisle – and fills with emotion.

Wedding things happening.

More wedding things happening.

Do you take . . . I do . . . etc.

Below . . . we have the return of the happy bouncy smiling bridesmaids that we’d encountered earlier.
one has a little bit of a bump . . . but that doesn’t stop her from joining in the fun.

I honestly did not have to do anything to get these pictures.
I put a lens on the camera. I pointed the camera at the girls.
once the camera was pointing in the right direction – things seemed to just happen !

Otterburn Castle has a marquee parked around the rear of the building – it’s quite large – and this is it.

(I am telling you this – just in case you thought that the marquee had been erected in the honeymoon suite or something).

speeches . . all going quite well . . . nobody is exactly dancing on the tables or dancing in the aisles . . .

yet . . .

Oh yes – I forgot to mention.  I took some pictures of Rachel and Alexander.
just so that they’d have some nice pictures to remember the day.

Singers burst into song

cue : mayhem.

Spontaneous dancing – it looks organised – but it was spontaneous – honest –

the singer tried to organise the girls into a dance troupe – but I think that he was quite surprised when the girls just leaped into action.

And then this mad manic huge conga began . . .

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd partying like this at a wedding before.

Let’s throw the bouquet . .

I can see THAT’S GONNA WORK . .  !

Umm. I take another one of those pictures – just so they have a nice one to put on the wall . . .

And back inside – our sociable people are socialising,
and laughing – and dancing . . .

What a wonderful day.

Thank you Rachel and Alex – for allowing me to be a very tiny small part of it.

Yours is a wedding that I’ll remember for quite some time to come.