Northumberland wedding



northumberland wedding  001

Northumberland wedding

Fiona and Rohan were married at the weekend,

I feel honoured that they chose me as their photographer.

a small number of pictures from their lovely wedding are  now ready . . .

The wedding was at Rothbury, and the reception at Doxford Hall.

So I guess it was a Northumberland wedding celebration.



rothbury  001



rothbury  002


rothbury  003

rothbury  007

This is the register being signed/witnessed, in the church at Rothbury.

Anyway  . . . Fiona and Rohans wedding was at All Saints church in Rothbury,

it’s quite a lovely church – it’s Church of England . . . but the vicar was a really helpful fellow

and he allowed photography of the service.

A tiny bit about the history of the church – it’s a Victorian Rebuild apparently . . .

but there has been a church here for a heck of a long time.

The original church was destroyed by the Vikings.

So I guess that’s before I was born . . .

to any Americans reading this – we’re talking old, here.  really old . . .


rothbury  010

After the wedding . . .

OOOOH I forgot to give you some vital information !

Rohan, (the groom) is Australian,

so it therefore follows, that Rohans family and many of the wedding guests travelled here from that flipping wonderful country

called Oz.

Fionas parents thought it would be a nice touch for the Australians to get a ride in a London bus.


here – we see the bus (full of happy, but slightly cold (because it was a chilly day))

note to self – can you do double brackets in a sentence . . . ? thought not . .



here’s the red bus,

I’ve helpfully turned it into black and white, so you’ll just have to imagine the colour red,

in this picture, it’s departing for Doxford Hall, the wedding car containing the bride and groom

has just pulled out and is overtaking the bus.

and if anyone who is from Rothbury, sees this picture,

yes – I removed the big yellow grit bin from outside the church,

even in black and white . . . I thought it looked a bit dodgy . . .


doxford hall  001

Fiona and Rohan in the garden at Doxford Hall. ( they had their wedding reception at Doxford Hall).

There are many many more pictures to follow,

this is just a sneaky preview of their wedding photographs.

Hopefully, I might be able to put some more on here shortly !