Northumberland wedding pictures

Northumberland wedding pictures

Fiona and Rohan had a wedding in the heart of Northumberland.

Hopefully, their wedding pictures will reflect their choice of location.


I have still not finished working on the pictures (sorry guys . . . )

I spend ages tinkering with pictures until I’m happy with them.




Here’s another couple of preview images.

I’m ALMOST finished working on the rest . . .

so they’ll be available shortly,¬†hopefully in a few days.


northumberland wedding pictures  001


Northumberland wedding pictures, ought, ideally to depict Northumberland

however, in this case – we’ve became slightly distracted by a field of purple flowers.

I guess that since the field is in Northumberland, you could say that we haven’t wandered off track

and that this is still part of a series of Northumberland wedding pictures . ..


anyway. we liked the purple flowers,

we haven’t the foggiest idea what they are.


the purple flowers helped us to make some lovely pictures !