Newton Hall wedding pictures


Clouds like puffs of cotton wool smoke, dance across a horizon painted softly in dusky pink and blue.

Hannah and James had wanted a sunset picture and maybe a picture on the beach,
at their Newton Hall wedding.

Well – we were lucky . . .

Right . . here’s the situation . . .

six lovely ladies getting ready at Craster Tower, a country house in Northumberland.

Sarah said – get the dog in the pictures . . . the dog is important . . .

Well, to be honest, it would have been more difficult to keep the dog out of the pictures !

He’s a collie – and he’s very obviously part of this picture of the girls heading out for  picture at Craster Tower.


Above – we see the girls being extremely serious. 🙂

On to the wedding at Newton Hall.

Sarah, along with her father, preceded by the fab five bridesmaids and also some miniature humans, walk towards the ceremony room.

Wedding ceremony ongoing – father checks the small print . . .

This is very likely to be that ‘I do’ moment . . .


And of course rings are exchanged.

Mum does a reading, note the orientation of the book,
I’m wondering if she can read sideways, or if her spectacles flip the image so that it can be read sideways,
or perhaps here eyeballs are sideways. (they would look the same, wouldn’t they !).

More small print being checked here . . . does this constitute a contract ?

More readings – this time from the registrar . . .

And that’s it . . . married . . . Yaay !

guests hurl shredded bits of paper at the couple as they try to escape down the aisle.

ooh.  shredded bits of paper, that’d be confetti . .

this might have been flower petals . . .

oops. sorry. my mistake . . .


Operating 100% on adrenaline – and with massive smiles<

our couple are seen just after the wedding.

We quickly nab a picture of everyone.  they seem happy !
(slight confusion over which way to look exists in the pair of miniature humans).

Hannah’s friends.

Hah – got him !


Right – enough of this picture taking mullarkey – we’re off to our wedding reception.

Inside, at Newton Hall,
I spot a super set of  pictures, neatly arranged as a kind of family tree,
showing relationships and couples . . . it’s a kind of who’s who.

with a blank spot for todays wedding picture

what a lovely idea !

I thought you’d want to see the room, so . . .

this is the room.

This is also a picture of the room,
(in case you didn’t realise.    come on, wake up . . . stay with it !!)

I was going to put a caption on this image

but I’m going to leave it up to you, to work out what it might be.

And this is a . . .

actually – I think that I know what it is, it’s an ancient Scottish teacup,

or something like that.  maybe not for tea. and maybe not simply a cup.

but you get the idea.

hmm.  one couple lurking outside – about to enter the room.

A man with an extremely loud blaring tartan pipey thing enters the room,
followed by one smiling couple.

There they go . . .

blrrrrrr drrrrnnnnn waaaaaaaa zzznnnnnnnnn

(those are bagpipe noises).

ooh.  you need to know what’s going on here . . .

Hannah and James had left a box of Lego on each table,

with instructions for each table to make a lego object to illustrate their table name

Above. This man is called Florence, and he’s holding a very good model of the bridge across the Arno
with the Vasari corridor which the Medicis used to sneak between the Pitti Palace and the Uffizi, clearly visible across the top.

See.  I do know a little bit about history (or I am good at making stuff up).

Oh. you’re right, he isn’t called Florence, his table is called Florence.

well I’m allowed to make the odd mistake now and then . . .

You have to guess what this lego thing is . . .

This one looks like a camper van.   I think . . .

And this one . . . ??

You may smile at this lego idea
but the absolutely genuine smiles of the guests, trying to make something sensible from the boxes of lego
were very much in evidence.  I think that this is also the Florence table. and that’s the Duomo.

sort of . . .

something’s going on . . what are the guests smiling at ?

Yes . . . speeches !

a flock of guests deep in thought

(can you get flocking guests ? – maybe another term might be more appropriate . . .

a gaggle of guests, a group of gu . . . yes.  a group of guests.  obvious when you think about it !)

More speechy things being spoken by the best man.

You need to understand what’s going on here . . .

Hannah liked the idea of a sunset picture – which kind of explains the next series of images . . .

Actually this isn’t a sunset, we set fire to the tree,
using paraffin. very effective it was too . . .

We went exploring – looking for sunsets . . .
(there was only going to be one, you understand, but it could be seen from different places).

in the afterglow of the sunset,
(some people call this twilight, or maybe dusk)

we washed up on the beach near to Newton Hall.

Those colours are effective, aren’t they !

This series of pictures didn’t take very long to make, they were simply timed quite well.

Ah yes . . that sun has certainly gone down now . . .

So – on the steps of Newton Hall, in the twilight / dusk . . . DARKNESS

we decide to rejoin the party . . .

The first dance . . . our prince takes his princess for a spin around the dance floor.

Then everyone else piles in.

There’s safety in numbers with this dancing lark . . . so everyone gets up to dance.

Nice crowd !

Above – we see one very expressive Scotsman.

This kind of expression is often seen on some of my Scottish friends faces when someone suggests that it’s their round.

Spinning Scotsman whirls pretty girl around at great speed.

Oh yes. the final picture is below

Rays of light from Newton Hall trace up into the heavens,
where a million and perhaps a million more, distant stars scattered in the sky, pick out the Milky way.

One final note – James proposed to Hannah under a starry sky,
so it is strangely appropriate for their final picture to be this.

Thank you James and Hannah – for allowing me to be a tiny part of your absolutely super wedding day.