Newcastle wedding photographer Alan Mason

newcastle wedding photographer

Newcastle wedding photographer Alan Mason


Laura and Ryan were married at St Charles Church, Gosforth.

Theirs was a winter wedding,  so . . . our story begins on a cold, crisp, bright winters day . . .


newcastle wedding photographer

Above – you see St Charles Church Gosforth – the brilliant blue sky in the morning
was an unexpected surprise – we’d had endless rain and wind for days before the wedding !

newcastle wedding photographer

At Lauras parents home, close to the St Charles Church Gosforth,

we find some shoes hovering about the place

and some champagne appears to be flowing.

newcastle wedding photographer

Laura looks absolutely stunning as she enters the room,
she is pictured sharing a laugh with her father and a bunch of bridesmaids.


Below, we see the aforementioned bunch of bridesmaids having fun.

I’m not sure what the collective term for a group of bridesmaids is . . .

perhaps . . .

a chatter of bridesmaids ?

a flurry of bridesmaids ?

a flock of bridesmaids ?


c’mon . . . you try . . . let me have some suggestions for a suitable collective term for a group of bridesmaids 🙂

newcastle wedding photographer

At St Charles Church, Gosforth
wedding preparations are at hand,
buttonholes are fixed with military precision, general good humour abounds.


newcastle wedding photographer

Below, at the entrance gate to St Charles Church Gosforth,
Laura and her father arrive.

They make their entry into the church.

I’m photographing the wedding mainly from above, in the balcony and at the back of the Church,
so it’s a good thing that I invested in some long lenses !

newcastle wedding photographer


newcastle wedding photographer

Using a long rope, I abseil down from the balcony, and descend to ground level.

I do this very sneakily and quietly, so that I do not attract the attention of the priest.

newcastle wedding photographer

Using long lenses and stealth, I obtain pictures of crucially important things happening

such as . . . rings being exchanged, a kiss,

some kind of book being signed.

newcastle wedding photographer

Someone strums some kind of vintage guitar instrument

( I think it’s a Cello)

it made some quite pleasant noises – I think that I recognised Pachelbels Canon in D


Out of the church into the cold crisp December air,
confetti is hurled.


brrrr.  did I say it was shivery cold . . .  brrrr.

wedding photographer newcastle

A super flowery thing was constructed around the doorway for this wonderful Jesmond Dene House wedding,
and a super beautiful girl stood still long enough for me to get a couple of pictures of her.

She’s Laura, she’s the bride, and she’s not only lovely to look at
she has a really lovely personality too.

The feller who followed her around all day (the groom) was quite nice too.

but I’m a bloke – so I tend to be dazzled by girls a bit.
This is quite normal for a bloke (I think).

newcastle wedding photographer

below – things are happening.

a brilliant magician holds the wedding guests in total concentration.

He’s called Paul Lytton . and just to be helpful,
I’m going to put a link to his website here

Paul Lytton.    << click that bit of text and you find yourself transported to his website, as if by magic . . .

wedding photographer newcastle

On the bottom left picture – the rather clever and subtle magician
is hovering about half a metre above the ground, and stealing the seated mans dentures.

Nobody noticed for ages, until the poor feller tried to bite his fingernails later on.

newcastle wedding photographer

Ah – Jesmond Dene House wedding tree.
or the Jesmond Dene House wedding neon
lighty up sparkly twinkly shiny thing with branches


Jesmond Dene house has a tree outside, which has an awful lot of fairy lights wrapped around it.

(the tree later explained to me that it’s a bit embarrassed about the lights really – as all of the other trees think that it looks a bit gay)
I have nothing against gay trees . . . but the other trees were just saying . it looks a bit gay, that’s all.

However – for the purposes of atmosphere,
and for generally making pictures look good,
the tree with the lights is pretty darned special.


But when the lights on the tree all go out,
I wouldn’t like to be the man who has to search for the bulb that has blown.

wedding photographer newcastle

Two final pictures of our lovely couple, Laura and Ryan.



And a massive thank you to Laura and Ryan, for entrusting me with your wedding photographs.
I know that the pictures are very important to you,
I’ve done my very best – I’ve put my heart into these images.




Newcastle wedding photographer Alan Mason,
a specialist in documentary wedding photography.