Matfen Hall wedding pictures

matfen hall wedding pictures

Rachel and Jamie had a Matfen Hall wedding

with a film theme.

Films and the stage are important in their lives
(for lots of reasons !)

It’s a wonderful life . . .
you will spot the film references as you peek at their lovely pictures.


northumberland wedding pictures


Below, you will see the fellers getting ready
then generally fooling about before the wedding.

As one does . . .

northumberland wedding pictures

Then we take a peek into the bridal suite,
where a little girl is found.

Her smiles and laughter add to the atmosphere !

bridesmaids at Matfen Hall

Some black and white pictures

you’ll find that some photographers will specialise in black and white.

I don’t. I simply make black and white pictures where I think that they work best,

and where colour works better . . . I use colour.  simple 🙂

matfen hall wedding pictures

A string quartet fires up

one bride is launched down the staircase with her father

and everyone turns to watch her arrival.

here goes : it’s a . . .

Matfen Hall wedding

matfen hall wedding pictures

The pictures below, show general wedding stuff happening in the Great Hall.

You’ll probably notice some white bits on the carpet . . .

They’re artfully strewn rose petals.

matfen hall wedding pictures

More stuff happens. more pictures are produced,
I swing from the chandelier to get an aerial shot.

matfen hall wedding pictures matfen hall wedding pictures

I have absolutely no idea what was happening on the series of black and white pictures below,

but it’s fair to assume that the man on the left is as mad as a box of frogs,
or perhaps as crazy as a wombat on amphetamines.

wedding party at matfen hall

And whilst I’m on the subject of not knowing what the heck was going on,

more confusing things are photographed below.

(one thing is absolutely definite here . . . these people are happy,

and it was an absolute pleasure for me to take these pictures !)

bride and friends at matfen hall

Heading back to Matfen Hall.

the picture below needs a caption . . .

any ideas ??

matfen hall wedding pictures

We nab a couple of pictures of Rachel and Jamie before their wedding breakfast.

matfen hall wedding pictures


matfen hall wedding pictures


Meanwhile, wedding guests enjoy the bar !

The little feller below might be just a tiny bit too young to get plastered,
I think he’s on some kind of rocket powered fruit juice.

documentary wedding photographer northumberland

Ah. You would like to see the room . . .

so would Rachel and Jamie 🙂

matfen hall wedding pictures


A gazillion pictures are taken at this point by yours truly.

( a gazillion is another word for a lot).

matfen hall wedding pictures matfen hall wedding pictures


Then . . more stuff happens. (more stuff tends to happen a lot at the weddings I go to).

a man strums a guitar in the great hall

Rachel and Jamie trip the light fantastic . . .

(first dance)

a band strikes up in the vaults

a bunch of girls tear up the tarmac on the dance floor

(should that be tear up the floor ?

where the hell did tarmac come from ?

there wasn’t any tarmac in sight.

oh well. they were dancing downstairs.

that sounds better, doesn’t it.

(but tearing up the tarmac sounds a lot more interesting).

matfen hall wedding pictures


All that remains is for me to thank the lovely Rachel and Jamie

for allowing me to photograph their wedding celebrations !

Thank you !


if you think you’ve seen Rachel before . . .
it’s quite possible that you’ve seen her when you’ve been watching the TV or a film or something  . . .

she’s Kara in Wolfblood.

and she is Anne Bronte in the BBC production of The Brontes (set for release in 2016)