Matfen Hall wedding package

matfen hall pictures

Amy and Phil, were married at

Matfen Hall in Northumberland
matfen hall wedding package

Above, you see Phil, (the tall feller) and his best man on the morning of his wedding at Matfen Hall.
meanwhile, Amy is having makeup applied.

matfen hall wedding package

I wander about the room, locating good natured children and pretty bridesmaids
and strange bouquets made from musical paper . .


matfen hall wedding package

The older bridesmaids (not that much older of course)

give the little bridesmaids a whirl.

matfen hall wedding package

Phil discusses the order of the day with the registrar, then hops outside for a picture with his friends.

matfen hall wedding package

Much merriment and mayhem occurs,
little girls descend a very big staircase
(it’s a very big staircase if you’re a very little girl).

matfen hall wedding packagematfen hall wedding package

The grown ups descend the staircase at Matfen Hall,
then a wedding happens.

matfen hall wedding package

matfen hall wedding package

matfen hall wedding package

The wedding party were absolutely lovely people,
a bunch of fun loving bridesmaids,
constantly smiling and generally making the mood one of fun and laughter.

matfen hall pictures

We nab a couple of pictures of Amy and Phil before the sun goes down
this is a winter wedding, so, not much sunlight,

as in . . . if it’s sunny – it isn’t going to be sunny for long

because sunsets are early in winter.

matfen hall terrace room

Black ostrich feathers and movie star portraits adorn the tables.


matfen hall great hall
bridesmaids dress northumberland

Little girl plays with bubbles . . .

go on – I challenge you to give the pictures above, a better speeches matfen hall

documentary photography matfen hall

The pictures above are simply documentary images – showing conversations,
wedding speeches, things happening in real life,
without posing.

matfen hall pictures

matfen hall vaults discomatfen hall vaults disco

Ooh, and there were sparklers,

sparklers are good for writing things in the air . . . in this case . . . LOVE

and they’re also good for generally mucking about and having a good time with.

matfen hall vaults disco




here’s a link to another winter wedding at Matfen
photographed a couple of years ago

it’s different

because all weddings are different,

even if it’s the same venue – the people are different . . .

winter wedding at matfen hall

ooh – and here’s a link to Matfen Hall’s website

Matfen Hall