marriage proposal . . .

One man totally in love (Shyam) + one beautiful girl (Sara)

+ one helicopter + one tractor + one diamond ring


I do !

Quite a story eh ?

This is how he did it . . .

prepare to sit back and be amazed !


engagement shoot 01


Take one helicopter ( a Robinson R44 if you’re interested, if you’re not interested  . . . then it’s a blue one).


Explain to one beautiful girl ( your intended fiance) that you are going for a pleasure flight . . .

The beautiful girl suspects nothing.

even the photographer in the front seat doesn’t draw attention . . .

because he’s also booked on the same pleasure flight . . .

good plan, eh ! (I’m astounded that this part of the plan worked !).

At one point, Shyam was chatting in my headset about what everyone did for a living etc

I was panicking, I couldn’t say ‘I’m a wedding photographer’
as that would give the game away . . . so I got ready with my alternative career story.

I was going to be a racing ferret breeder.  With a backup story that I also run a racing pigeon grooming parlour.
(I’m from the North, so anyone from the South would think that was completely normal).

So, ready with the racing ferret jokes running around my head . . . we took off.

engagement shoot 03

The weather was a little patchy . . rainy bits here and there (there’s probably a meteorological term for that . . . )
but we’ll call them clouds for now.

engagement shoot 04

Getting into higher ground now . . foothills of the Cheviots (if you’re good at geography)

If not. those things below are hills.  And there are also some trees.
trees? I hear you say ?

for the city dwellers, those tree shaped things are wooden constructions with branches.

engagement shoot 05

I mentioned patchy cloudy rainy bits.
It was quite beautiful really,
but I was really hoping that the clouds weren’t going to ruin this whole escapade . . .

engagement shoot 06

A rain squall over the cheviots spotted on the port side.

‘rain, rain, go away, come back another day’, so the nursery rhyme goes . .

‘sod off rain’ might be a better way of putting it . .

But it looked dramatic ! so I took a picture of it.

engagement shoot 07

One beautiful Sara, gazing out of the window, taking snaps on her phone.

She is totally unaware of what she’s going to notice in a field below her . . .

engagement shoot 08

What’s that in the field over there ?

it can’t be . . .

engagement shoot 09

Oh yes, he’s made a good job of this one !

I sincerely hope that the lady says yes !

engagement shoot 10

I think she’s gonna say yes . . .

engagement shoot 11

Success !

One happy man. One happy Sara.
One huge diamond ring on her finger ! He’s got her !!

engagement shoot 12

We park in a field.

(do you park a helicopter ? berth it ? stable it ? heck knows . . . it landed anyway
and the right way up, which was good.

A welcoming committee was on hand armed with rose champagne and nibble things.

engagement shoot 13

One Chellywopter,  its James Bond style mission accomplished,
swooshes off back to Newcastle, leaving us marooned up in the Scottish Borders.

engagement shoot 14

We take to the hills in Land Rovers, to get a view of the words from a neighbouring hilltop.

It was on this hilltop that the tractor was directed, using a walkie talkie,
and the chappie in the tractor obeying commands like,


I can just imagine the conversation on the walkie talkies

‘hey Jimmy’ MARRY ME

‘wha . . . but you’re my father’

‘no, I meant write MARRY ME’

‘but father, that’s just wrong, I cannae marry you . . I’m your son . . .’

‘no Jimmy, I’m reading the bit of paper here . . . now make a heart shape . . .’

and so it would go on.

maybe . . .

engagement shoot 15

Hilltop frolics over, we hop into a car and speed towards Edinburgerland.

Sara excitedly phoning family to spread the happy news.

engagement shoot 16

Second part of plan, stay in the Balmoral Hotel,
a super posh edifice at the end of Princes Street.

It has a michelin starred restaurant inside . . . which was handy . . .

you’d think that this had all been planned . . .


engagement shoot 17

above, a totally random picture. which I like. because I am random.

engagement shoot 18

Ah, you’ve figured out that the picture above is our lovely couple Sara and Shyam,

the fairy tale, disney castle type thingy in the background,
is the hotel that they stayed in.

Lit with sunset colours.

engagement shoot 19

we wander for a few minutes, then make our way back to the hotel

engagement shoot 20

And in a crowded street, (very crowded, you wouldn’t believe how crowded  !)

We get a final picture of Shyam and that extremely beautiful girl who is to be his wife

A special picture credit and a big thank you, goes to one extremely helpful and anonymous Scottish lady standing at a bus stop.

The anonymous Scottish lady lent me her right arm, held it extended at a 47 degree angle,
and directed a small but extremely powerful flash unit which I triggered using a tiny radio transmitter, to make this picture.

That sounds far fetched, doesn’t it . . .

It wasn’t far fetched.   It’s all true.

Sometimes, fairytales do happen.