Northumberland castle wedding

funky wedding northumberland

Northumberland Castle Wedding

Rachel and James wanted a Northumberland castle wedding,

i.e. a wedding in a Northumberland castle.


There is a little bit of choice when it comes to Northumberland castles,
we have dozens of the things up here.
Northumberland castles basically fortified the border with Scotland,
controlling the border and hopefully reducing the impact of raids by Scots against the English.

Then again – the English did a fair bit of raiding back across the border into Scotland,
I think that the raiding situation was was basically a bit of ‘tit for tat’
we raid you this week, but next week it’s your turn and you get to raid us.

(if you can get past our castles . . . ha ha !!)

Anyway – as I say – all of this raiding shenanigans
has left us with quite a few Northumberland castles
and many of those castles can now host weddings.

One of the oldest, and one of my all time favourites, is Langley Castle.
Langley castle has a winning combination of being a totally genuine 14th Century castle
with all mod cons, and some absolutely lovely staff.

The staff at Langley have always cheerfully helped me,
whatever crazy request I (or a bride and groom) have came up with.


Back to the wedding !

Rachel and James had a very large sign made –

it was pretty heavy duty – made from thick plywood,
and it spent most of the day, attached to Langley castle’s front gate.

Late in the evening -I had the probably crazy idea of hopping down to the gate
(you should try running down that slope to the gate when the road is wet . . .
I ended up running down in a kind of controlled skid . . .

Then returning with their fab sign – so that they could include it in a picture,
which if they wish – they can use as a thank you card, or perhaps a final picture in their wedding album.

funky wedding northumberland


I should start this story at the begninng ( sorry – that’s an Icelandic spelling of beginning)

I slip into Icelandic every time my fingers hit the wrong keys on my keyboard.

the day began with the arrival of the groom and his best man (and sundry others in similar garb)

northumberland caste wedding

Groom on the left – on the right is a car.

And in between – is a best man.

funky wedding picture


I go inside – find the bridal suite and locate the first casualty of the day
teddy had too much drinkies I think . . .

Just to the right of the plastered teddy
deep in the ancient recesses of this northumberland castle wedding things are going on . . .

viz : chapmagne  ( Icelandic again )

Bride and bridesmaids toasting with champagne.

northumberland funky wedding venue

Rachel explained that she’d like a picture of the rings.

I wandered off in search of wedding rings,
I figured that the best man would have them

I found him in the drawing room – I then wrestled the man to the ground and stole the rings.

hah – now I have the wedding rings, what can I do with them ?

hmmmm.  I wanted to do something a little different, to surprise the bride . . .

This is what I came up with.

Darn. I had tried to make a cartoon animals head – like a funky reindeer or something like that . . .

(this was a Christmas wedding – which might explain my train of thought)

my wife simply saw a smiley face in the image.

what do you see in the picture ?

cool wedding photos

You are probably wondering what the heck I used to make the picture.

I’m not going to tell you.


ok. I will tell you ( I can’t keep a secret )

There was a sweetie bar at this wedding, and the striped background is a paper back,
which guests would later fill with sweets – and the outline of the funky animals head ?

why . . that’s the tongs used to fill the paper bags with sweets.


wedding sweet bar northumberland

You wanted to see a what ?

a Northumberland Castle wedding ?

oh – I see – I’ll get back to the point.

here we go – just to prove that there actually was a Northumberland castle wedding going on here,

here are a couple of pictures that I took to help tell the story

langley castle wedding picture

langley castle wedding



langley castle civil wedding


langley castle wedding


langley castle wedding


langley castle wedding


langley castle wedding


Refreshments during speeches . . .

Actually – looking around the picture for clues – although the picture is focussed on the groom,
there is enough evidence in the out of focus background to show that this was actually a toast.

Note to viewers – the background is intentionally soft – which draws attention to the subject . ..  the man making the speech,
or in this case – drinking champagne.

funky wedding picture northumberland

Guest reactions to speeches  – maybe . . .

funky wedding picture northumberland


Two extremely happy people at the top table/

langley castle wedding  070


Thank you for allowing me to take your wedding pictures guys – it was a pleasure for me to be there.