Langley Castle wedding . . snow queen marries her prince

Langley Castle winter wedding . . snow queen marries her prince . . .

langley castle winter wedding

 Natalie and Ben

Natalie and Ben live in Bolton and travelled to Northumberland for their Langley Castle winter wedding

Natalie really wanted snow for her wedding day.

she had specific requirements,

none of that wet sleety stuff

a light covering, not too deep,

oh – and reasonably good weather.. . blue skies would be nice,

but no rain or any wintry stuff like that, and no wind.

well. on the wedding morning,

the weather was ab fab ( absolutely fabulous to those who don’t understand such terms),

sky : blue

snow : light covering

wind : none

groom : yep – he turned up

bride : ecstatic !

from this, you might deduce . .

a good time was had by all.

and just in case you don’t believe me when I mentioned the blue skies in the morning

to go with the light covering of snow, as required

this is what I saw when I arrived at the castle gates

for this Langley Castle winter wedding


langley castle winter

Oh – above, is a picture of the guys . . .

They are all smiles and laughs,

except for the serious looking fellow to the right . . .

He is considering how difficult it would be to find the rings (currently in his hand)

if they were accidentally dropped in the snow . . .

The smiles and laughs are connected with a secret happening that nobody will ever know about.

So, to distract you, I will point out the snowstorm on the left side of the picture

(snow falling in front of the mans suit)

and no snow storm on the right side of the picture . . .

how can this be ?  do you have any ideas ?

clue : the trees above are covered in snow.

langley castle winter wedding

Above, we see an example of extremely limited sized crowd confetti hurling

the crowd is limited by the sub zero temperatures to, one.

langley castle winter wedding

Aloft on the roof

( no, not a loft, on the roof, aloft . . like, up . . . )

Start again : up on the roof . . . above the snowy landscape of Northumberland at twilight

we see our couple braving the cold.

langley castle winter wedding

Amusing though it may sound :

Immediately after taking this picture, we were greeted by Anton, the manager of Langley Castle,

who said he’d seen someone flashing down in the trees.

That would have been us.  🙂

Camera flashing.  click. flash. you know the kind of thing.

Any other sort of flashing would have been accompanied by frostbite !