Langley Castle wedding – Joanne and Mark – a wedding with peacocks and a castle . . .

Langley Castle wedding pictures of Joanne and Marks wedding.
( complete with a stuffed posing peacock,
which I only bring along to selected weddings).



langley castle wedding picture  001


I turn up, and find that the sky is blue,
the flag is flying,
and the sun is shining 🙂

a pretty good start ! hope the rest of the day is OK too . . .

( It will be, we don’t allow bad days, we only have good days !)





langley castle wedding picture  003

Within minutes, I locate three fellers,
they are involved in a heated discussion outside of the main door at Langley Castle,

I’m not quite sure what the heck they were discussing ( and pointing at !)

So I took a picture, then moved on . . .

( I am guessing that the feller on the left is pointing at the castle,
as that would be directly in front of his right index finger –
which is doing the pointing in this picture).


langley castle wedding picture  004


Inside, in one of Langley Castles myriad mediaeval rooms,
a little princess lurks,
along with some kind of magic wand thing with a flower in it.
Hmmmm . the plot thickens

Could this be one of those Langley Castle weddings I’ve heard about,
with little bridesmaids and other assorted wedding stuff ?

langley castle wedding picture  005


I step back and take in the whole scene –  aaaah it kinda makes sense now
there’s a bride near the window,
she’s sitting opposite to the little girl with the strange magic wand thing.

The bride is called Joanne,
and she’s getting married at Langley Castle today.


langley castle wedding picture  006

I hop up closer to Joanne, thinking, hmmm.
Might take a picture of this girl, she looks pretty . .

She is. So I do.


Then as quick as a flash, I disappear from the room,
I make an elegant departure,
then fall headlong down the stairs,
arriving at the bottom with a thump.

Calmly, I walk into the Josephine room, I find a man about to be married . .

(A picture of above mentioned man about to be married is below).

langley castle wedding picture  007

A delightful lady who is a Northumberland registrar of marriages,
fiddles with a complicated ribbon arrangement
on a strange cushion thing
that has some wedding rings on it.

I guess it must be some sort of quick release ribbon,
or maybe some contraption that catapults the rings into the grooms hands.

langley castle wedding picture  008

Bride arrives, Best man laughs (nervously).
Bride laughs – not nervously –
she smiled and laughed all day anyway.

At this point – the brides father places the brides hand in the grooms hand
symbolically ‘giving her away’

You can see that fathers hand is whipping away quickly – it’s a blur.

He’s thinking – hah – she’s yours now sir, no going back !

langley castle wedding picture  009

The general merriment and happiness is really evident in this picture
smiling registrar, smiling bride and groom, well, smiling everyone really.
Ooh – you’ve probably guessed – it’s a heck of a wide angle lens,

It’s nearly a 180 degree view of the room,
so I’m jammed into the corner, making sure that my nose isn’t in the picture.


langley castle wedding picture  010


Using my remote camera on a small caterpillar tracked vehicle,
which quietly travels under the chairs and past everyones ankles,
I get a view of the wedding service ongoing from the back of the room.
langley castle wedding picture  011

Oh the ring thing, let’s do the ring thing.

Here’s a ring, we’re married.

(I think that’s what happens at this point).


Then . . . something wierd  . . .  sorry,

I meant something unusual and creative happens.

langley castle wedding picture  012

There is now, ladies and gentelemen, for your delight and delectation,
a sand ceremony.

What ? You’ve never heard of a sand ceremony ?

well . . . the meaning of the sand ceremony is . . .

langley castle wedding picture  013


Oh . . . things are happening quickly here,

man kisses girl, heck – they’re married. they’ve done it !

langley castle wedding picture  014

Bride and groom then process out of the room to music,
which is laid on by the London Symphony Orchestra
who are sitting just out of view, to the left of the doorway.

At this point, guests usually helpfully stand in the way of my camera
so that they can get a picture on their mobile phones.

But . . these guests were pretty well behaved in that department . . . 🙂


langley castle wedding picture  015

Oh – gotta get a nice picture of the two of them.

I think the man is smiling !



langley castle wedding picture  016

quickly – we whizz through a few little group pictures,

the men on each end of the above group,
will be looking at guests with cameras.

This happens. I do say ‘look this way’

I wave my arms

then I wave my legs

I do a dance.

so they gaze left at the crucial moment .


langley castle wedding picture  017


The great confetti hurling begins, above, you see a storm of the stuff.

langley castle wedding picture  018


And a bunch of girls above . . .
girls basically have fun !

langley castle wedding picture  019


Much of what I do, is to take pictures that are unposed,
unannounced, I sneak about like a sneaky thing,
sneakily taking pictures from a great distance.

I sometimes think that the unposed ones are the best ones.

langley castle wedding picture  020

Guests at this Langley Castle wedding,
retire to the drawing room on the first floor.

Then we get some  nice pictures of Joanne and Mark.

langley castle wedding picture  035

They look rather nice don’t they !

( they actually are rather nice people, oddly enough !)

langley castle wedding picture  036


Above, I whip the posing peacock out of my camera bag

and place it on the ground in just the right spot to make a good picture.


The posing peacock is actually a stuffed peacock,
and balances on one toe like this

to make it look as if he is actually walking across the picture.


And if you believe that . . .

yes, you guessed it, the peacock is real, and he’s in the perfect spot

because of something called random chance.


I wasn’t particularly clever to get the picture. I was just lucky.


And a trained peacock rustler was also employed at this stage.

langley castle wedding picture  037

Enough of peacocks – darned thing is stealing the show here . . .

above we see,

one happy couple,

one castle. flag flying. etc etc.

langley castle wedding picture  038

Just for the heck of it, we hop up to the castle roof.

langley castle wedding


And we take a picture – just to say we’ve been here.

then we hoppity hop back downstairs again.


langley castle wedding picture  021


You will be wondering what the room looks like,
above, you see the Stuart suite at Langley Castle, set for a wedding.
(well . . you kinda guessed that bit, didn’t you ?)

langley castle wedding picture  022

And in an alcove with a window behind it,
a mahoosive pile of cupcakes,
are surmounted by more cakes,
with purple butterflies fluttering up the side.

( They are not real butterflies,
that would be cruel,
they are made of cement or something).


langley castle wedding picture  023

Grown up bridesmaid spots little bridesmaid,
decides to take a picture,
but this being a technical thing,

Knobs and buttons and switches are involved . . .

a man decides to assist. 🙂



langley castle wedding picture  024

Beaming smile from attractive bridesmaid.

people smile at me.
I am guessing it must be the camera,

unless they are being kind,
and humouring me. 🙂

langley castle wedding picture  025

Hah – in furtive ninja mode,
I sneak up to the side of the top table,
intending to get a sneaky snap,

and I’m spotted,

more people smiling at me 🙂


langley castle wedding picture  026

Top level conference taking place at the top table,

characters from right to left :

brides mum and father, listening avidly

Anton, General manager of Langley Castle – he’s imparting information to the groom.

The best man, is bowing his head slightly

and the feller on the left,

Well, he’s the grooms father – and he’s just noticed

nuclear fusion taking place in one of the light fittings,

this isn’t something that happens every day, so he looks a bit surprised.

langley castle wedding picture  027


Small child discovers mans nose.
langley castle wedding picture  028


Man shakes off small child attached to his nose in previous picture,

then makes a jolly good speech.
Bride smiles appreciatively.
Groom kinda frowns.langley castle wedding picture  029

I step back – in case the comment that I wrote above about
‘child attached to mans nose’ annoys the man making the speech,

and I get a wide view of the room whilst his speech is ongoing.




langley castle wedding picture  030


Groom makes his speech.

langley castle wedding picture  031

Best man makes his speech.
aided by a lapdancer and a projector.



Sorry. small typo there. I meant laptop.

langley castle wedding picture  032



The best mans speech dissolves the room into laughter.

langley castle wedding picture  033

He’s still talking, the room is still laughing,
(well – the people in it are laughing – you know what I mean . . . )


langley castle wedding picture  034

A totally random picture of a lego castle,
god knows what this was about.

I just saw it, the groom was looking at it. So I took a picture of it.

langley castle wedding picture  040


Bride lobs bouquet.langley castle wedding picture  041


Girl catches bouquet.langley castle wedding picture  042


First Dance at this Langley Castle Wedding, to the majestic nights disco.langley castle wedding picture  043


My drone copter thing takes to the air above the dance floor,

with a tiny camera on it.

Which means that I can then get an aerial shot of the dancing.

langley castle wedding picture  044

OOh there was a surprise at this wedding.

the surprise was kept from the bride,
it was organised by the brides parents.

The surprise was . . . Fireworks.  and quite spectacular they were too !


langley castle wedding picture  045


A final picture.  A large red firework lands on a car in the carpark,

the car petrol tank explodes, people running about with fire extinguishers,

you know the kinda thing.




Thank you Joanne and Mark,

I thoroughly enjoyed being a tiny part of your lovely Langley Castle wedding.