Langley castle wedding – Ben and Clare

langley castle wedding

Ben and Clare had a lovely intimate wedding at Langley Castle,
some pictures will follow below . . .

langley castle civil wedding


One pretty girl, one window, one castle.  = rather a nice image.

this is a picture of Clare – just before her Langley Castle wedding

incidentally – just a random thought – I was thinking at the time of the drape as a compositional device,

check Vermeers painting ‘the art of painting’

( just google Vermeer art of painting )

can you see the parallel ?


langley castle wedding

It was a breezy day – quite a stiff breeze actually

spot the clue in the picture above

(and if you can’t see the clue that says – ‘it was very windy’ – then there’s no hope for you !

langley castle wedding

Clares father turned up with his car

this is really his car ! it’s a super little thing,

He’s wearing a chaufeurs hat for a bit of fun – he isn’t really a chaufeur,
he’s a brides father !  but hey – if you’ve got a little car like this,
why not take it to your daughters wedding !

langley castle wedding


It’s late in the year, and the sun sets early at this time of year.

so we capitalise on this and nab a quick shot of the sun setting in this Langley Castle wedding picture