Langley Castle summer wedding

Rachel and Kristopher were married in their local church,

then hopped on a London bus and zoomed over to Langley Castle for their rather fabulous wedding reception.

Above, we see a picture of a gentleman.

He’s the vicar of St Lawrences church, South Shields,
and although he had pressing family issues, 
he still took time to  marry Rachel and Kristopher.
He genuinely prioritised their wedding and he kept a smile on his face throughout.

The man above wasn’t just a fine vicar,
he is a total gentleman. He has my admiration.


Aaaaanyway . . . back to the wedding :

You are probably wondering by now,
exactly what the small dogs and little girl in the first picture
have to do with all of this . . .
Well, Rachel, the bride, has two small dogs, Darcie and Lucie,
they’re Shi Tzus, and Rachel had mentioned
that she’d like to make sure that they are included in the pictures,
along with the little girl ( she’s called Scarlett and she is a bridesmaid ).

The picture of the staring dogs (and Scarlett who is trying to hypnotise the camera)
were what I saw when I turned up at Rachels mums house.
next : I wander about, randomly snapping pictures, as I tend to do.
sorry : I should say – I move gracefully through the building,
carefully and artfully composing images.

And then I find that one of the little dogs I’d encountered earlier,
has taken an interest in Rachels wedding dress,
burrowing under it.
I grab a picture of the scene –
and out pops this beautiful little dog, looking soooo guilty.

Aww – doesn’t your heart simply melt !
The poor little lady thinks that she’s done something wrong.
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Above, we see a perfect little pageboy/groomsman.

Many pageboys aren’t as good looking as this feller,
which explains why I take this cardboard cutout of a perfect little feller to every wedding,
I simply place it somewhere believable and bingo – the the pictures are improved 100%.

The picture looks quite real, doesn’t it !

And of course, as we all know, a wedding is a serious business.
This is Kristopher taking things very seriously . . .


One small bridesmaid (Scarlett) is keeping up with the wedding service.

Clever girl.

Just dont mention that the document is upside down . . .

I should mention at this point – our bride is involved with Brownies / Rainbows

they are various small girls who get involved with . . .

well, I don’t actually know what they get involved with.

I know that they collect badges,
they probably have a secret salute and go camping or something

and err . . .

and they send hit squads like this one,
to attend weddings and ambush pretty girls with their new husbands.
Guest transport from Church to Langley Castle was a London bus.

And on arrival at the castle, a disembodied hand was found to be playing a saxophone.

(I knew the place was haunted !)
I try to get a sensible picture of our bride and bridesmaids.
This is about as sensible as it gets.
Poor feller – he’s outnumbered.
But extremely happy.
We get a sensible picture of our bride and groom.
Then the guests hurl bits of coloured paper into the air.

Off for a very short wander, to have a couple of pictures,
(then back to the wedding).
Doesn’t she look pretty !

He doesn’t look too bad either 🙂
Behind the couple – we see the building in which they held their wedding reception.
Rachel and Kristopher had booked exclusive use of the castle,
which meant that no peasants were allowed at their wedding.
This is the room, set for the wedding breakfast.

Heaven knows why it’s called a wedding breakfast,
instead of a wedding lunch,

or a wedding afternoon tea,
or . . .

Guests having been airlifted by helicopter to the top floor of the castle,

they settle down to the wedding breakfast.
At an appropriate point, our groom makes his speech, which makes an immediate hit with the room.
At a quiet moment when nobody is doing anything else, Kristopher steals a kiss.
At this point, things happened.

lots of things . . .
Basically – it was a bit of a riotous party.

(when I say riotous, I don’t mean like a riot,
for example, no tear gas or rubber bullets were fired,
it wasn’t a riot in that sense of the word – but I did need to duck and jump out of the way several times when taking pictures).

To take this picture, I rather stupidly clambered up a ladder,

So . . . when I was holding onto the wobbly ladder with one hand,
and my face was clamped to the back of the camera,
so that I couldn’t see a bloody thing except through the viewfinder,
I began to consider what might happen if the ladder slipped sideways.

Oh god. I thought . . . Just take the picture and get down quick . . .

I definitely won’t do that again, so the picture above is definitely going to be a one-off.
This is a much safer kind of picture, simply get the bride to squeeze through a 45cm wide doorway, clamber 15 metres up a tight staircase occupied by the castle bats, risking serious damage to her wedding dress,
then perch on a turret with a 60 metre vertical drop below her.
Hah – a much safer picture, well it was for me anyway . . .


Above is an even safer kind of picture for me to take,

It involved no climbing on turrets or wonky staircases,

and there was no risk of injury or death
( well maybe there was a danger of electrocution –
but oddly enough – I felt quite safe).
The first dance.
Remember it was summer,

so in Summer, the sun can set very late . . .

so it hasn’t gotten dark outside yet.
Rachel and Kristopher decide to dress up at their wedding.
Ah yes, pyromaniac guests waving fire sticks about.




Thank you Rachel and Kristopher, I thoroughly enjoyed photographing your wedding, and I consider it a privilege to have been able to be there.



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