Langley Castle – Mika and Andy

langley castle wedding pictures

Mika and Andy brought a contingent of Americans to their wedding . . .

Arriving mainly by parachute, they floated down onto the lawns at Langley castle . . .

O.K. perhaps I told a tiny fib there.

I will stick to the bits that are true . . . .

There were lots of Americans at the wedding,
mainly because Mika, the bride, is American . . .

Her parents, her sisters, and from what I could gather – about half of her home town turned up.

We move on to the story of the wedding . . .

Well . We’re in Northumberland wedding venues are thick on the ground here

but . . . there aren’t many quite like Langley Castle . . .

Below – you see Langley Castle – on the wedding morning,
typical English weather I’m afraid. not raining.
it might rain. or it might not rain. . .
or it might rain . . .
or . . . get the picture ?

langley castle northumberland

Below – we see two little bridesmaids

one of whom is holding an invisible bouquet.

langley castle northumberland


The two little bridesmaids above,
then do some indescribably cute things

so I take some pictures.

langley castle northumberland langley castle northumberland

Ah – who is the stunning girl peeking from behind the wedding dress ?

( you really ought to be able to guess . . . !)

langley castle northumberland


next . . . a bunch of fellers are in high spirits . . .

ready for the wedding.

speaking of spirits . . .

there might be a reason why the marriage certificate smells of


to find out why . . . you’d need to ask the best man,

he’s the feller, nervously checking his pocket in the picture below.

he also had a hip flask . . . 🙂

northumberland wedding venues
As the bride makes her entrance

a computer salesman springs into life and tries to sell me a laptop.

northumberland wedding venues

you are guessing that might not entirely be true . . .

surely – he’d leave computer sales until a break in the ceremony

 . . .

what he was really doing . . .
was skyping Grandma in the U.S.A.

Grandma couldn’t make it to the wedding,
but she watched it via skype – and a cleverly concealed camera.

What a brilliant idea !

Well done fellers  !
I was certainly impressed !


northumberland wedding venues

Above, we see the wedding ongoing . . .
a cute bridesmaid gazes cutely at her bouquet.

golden rule : never work with children or animals . . .

they steal the show !

northumberland wedding venues

We hop outside for a few pictures,
then hop back inside (spots of wet stuff falling from the sky).

Guests mingle in the drawing room.

northumberland wedding venues

The rain stops. The sun comes out. (for about ten seconds – remember – this is England !)
above, you see Mika and her two sisters
both very pretty – and both really lovely natured people.

northumberland wedding venues

A couple of pictures are taken of Mika and Andy – whilst the sun is out . . . 🙂

northumberland wedding venues northumberland wedding venues


Pedro the Castle peacock makes an appearance – right on cue
he then photobombs us whilst we’re composing a perfectly set up picture,
showcasing the castle – and a bride and groom

so Pedro Peacock thinks . . .
hmmm this is my castle – so I should be on this picture . . .northumberland wedding venues

One bride, one groom, looking stunning.

and the pictures to the left . . .
I’m not going to tell you what’s going on there.

I think that cigars were involved.

and there was talk of ignition sources . .

vintage wedding northumberland

I hop inside and locate a vintage teacup and saucer,
in which some flowers had made a home.

northumberland wedding venues

Cupcakes. More on cupcakes later . . . 🙂

northumberland wedding venues northumberland wedding venues


Bride and groom enter the Stuart Suite at Langley Castle.

Andy gazes lovingly at the girl of his dreams.
( you can see the happiness in his face !)

Below – Langley Castle staff prepare to pop champagne corks . . .
three bridesmaids notice this and aim their phones at the staff – preparing to fire . . .

northumberland wedding venues

And then – cutting the cupcake 🙂

Everything about this wedding was fun and good natured.

northumberland wedding venues

Speeches and stuff, including the ritual embarassment of the groom by the best man.

northumberland wedding venues northumberland wedding venues

Above – two little photobombing bridesmaids plus one very pretty bride.

northumberland wedding venues

Dancing, the evening begins . . .northumberland wedding venues

Thank you Mika and Andy, for entrusting me with the job of making your wedding pictures.

The whole day was an absolute pleasure.