Castle weddings England . . .

Gill and Chris are archaeologists,
they are usually found balancing on the end of a trowel,
clutching a clipboard, peering into a trench, wrestling a theodolite . . .

heck . . . what is a theodolite ?
and more importantly . . .  theodolite wrestling legal ?

read on, to learn about theodolites, and more . . .


castle wedding england

Chris and his friends are lurking outside of the castle,
the sun shines, clouds drift overhead . . .

Gillian has studied Castles for many years,

so when searching for castle weddings England turned up a wealth of the critters.

(if you can call a castle a critter ? )

for castle weddings England simply has a plethora of the things.

Thing is, a few years ago, you’d need a castle around here to keep the bows and arrows out

(well the arrows, not the bows, they’d only throw the bows at you if they were absolutely desperate).

castle wedding england

Inside the massive walls of the castle keep,
wedding related activities are taking place . . .


castle wedding england

A bridesmaid reads stuff (sorry – she had an unpronounceable name and if I try to spell it, I’ll make a mess of it,

so for the purposes of this commentary, the lady is called . . . a bridesmaid).castle wedding england

More wedding stuff happens, people sign things – then bingo, they’re married !!

castle wedding england

Ah – this is the stuff that our couple like . . old bits of stone.

( They are both archaeologists, remember . .  . )

For the academically minded, there is a name for the marks in the stone wall above,
the marks trace the lines of long disappeared roofs.

but I can’t remember the name. (drat)

You can see the marks though , they’re sloping from top left, downwards in the stone of the castle walls.

postscript :

The pretty lady in the picture above, has emailed me,
and let me know that the proper name for the marks in the stone wall above is . . .

roof raggle.

Now . . .  if you will kindly forget that bit of information . . .
then I can relax in the knowledge that I know something about the castle, that you don’t.  🙂

castle wedding england

Oh Yes, we get a visit from Pedro the photobombing Peacock,

then we hop up onto the roof (there are only two flights of stairs to reach the roof, it’s a doddle really . . . )

then . . .

castle wedding england

Wedding breakfast !

I produced something like 500 pictures for Chris and Gill,

mainly documentary pictures – showing things simply ‘happening’ – not posed.

you only see a tiny proportion of their collection of pictures on this page.

Thank you Chris and Gill, for trusting me with your wedding photography.

it was an absolute pleasure, from start to finish

(even though I was slightly disappointed that Phil from the Time Team wasn’t there).


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