Langley Castle wedding photographer

Langley Castle wedding photographer Alan Mason


Absolutely massive congratulations go to little Maisy,

A.K.A. The star of the show, who was guest of honour – kind of a bridesmaid !

at the wedding of her mum and dad yesterday at Langley Castle.


The picture below, shows her sitting patiently, and being extremely well behaved,

during the wedding service – which took place in the Drawing room at Langley Castle.



langley castle wedding photographer


There will be lots of pictures to follow – but I thought I’d just share this picture of little Maisy,

she looks so delightful. holding that bouquet so carefully.

The bouquet was made by my good friend – Katherine of ‘forget me knot’ florists.


Langley castle wedding photographer


The wedding formalities are over – the paperwork is signed

and the Hexham registrars are just about to hand over the wedding certificate.

smiles all around eh !


this has been another lovely Langley Castle Wedding.

which has left me as a

smiling Langley Castle Wedding photographer

the weather was kind (just !)

big raindrops began to fall – at precisely the moment that we had already decided to go indoors.

so – despite the unpredictable nature of Northumberland weather,

we all had a tremendous time.


( some of the other pictures to follow – will include a bride and some children

playing with some rather massive soap bubbles outside at Langley Castle . . . watch this space !)


Thank you Tam and Dan for entrusting me with your wedding photographs,

the day was an absolute pleasure for me.