Headlam Hall wedding pictures

Headlam Hall wedding

Harriet and David had an absolutely lovely wedding day

Their Headlam Hall wedding was in late summer / early Autumn,
so we had that moody atmosphere at dusk to play with,
it only seems to feel like that at this time of year.

The sun sets, then there’s twilight, and maybe a low mist in the fields,
it isn’t cold – cool perhaps – but certainly not cold.

And the atmosphere is pure magic.

This sort of feeling at dusk, often brings over me an odd feeling of nostalgia,
as I get the feeling that I’ve been in such places before, as a child,
you know – that time of day in Autumn, when the street lights are coming on,
the glow of light from shop windows, shadowy figures shopping in the streets.

Ah – back to the present day – and extricating myself from this nostalgic feeling that I speak of . . .

you will probably want to see pictures that show what I’m talking about.


take a look . . . they’re below.

headlam hall wedding



I’m going to upload quite a few pictures from Headlam Hall weddings, so watch this space


the feller below, found his way to the bar at Headlam Hall.

headlam hall wedding drinks 

hmmm.  is he old enough to be drinking ?




OK. It’s a Headlam Hall wedding, so you want to see some Headlam Hall wedding pictures . . .


here goes ! I arrive and find bridesmaids, not posing, simply drinking champagne
but in a curiously mirrored pose,


headlam hall wedding picture

I know it’s not a mirror – and the poses aren’t identical

but I did a bit of a double take when I saw this scene,
as for some odd reason – it almost looks like the bridesmaids
are in totally identical but opposite poses,

they said they weren’t posing- and really, they weren’t,

the girls were naturally elegant, that’s all.


Ooh – you might be interested to see Harriets wedding present for the man in her life

it was a surprise pressie.

Harriet wanted to capture the moment that he first saw it arriving,

so I distracted David with a picture, leaving a bit of space to the right hand side of the image,
for the car that was due to arrive exactly on time . . .


wedding ferrari durham


headlam hall wedding


Meanwhile inside Headlam Hall wedding co-ordinator and registrar arrive

asking important questions

‘who are you ?

what . . . you’re getting married !

well this is a surprise . . .

I guess that explains the dress then . ..’

headlam hall wedding

The registrar then duly notes the answers to the 50 questions, everyone looks pretty serious at this point.headlam hall wedding

Registrar departs, and leaves girls alone

left to their own devices, they do serious things . . . as girls do. 🙂

headlam hall wedding


The girls chatting, just before hopping downstairs to the Headlam Hall wedding Headquarters, currently staffed by the groom,
a bunch of usher types, and sundry guests.

headlam hall wedding

Poor feller – even though he’s surrounded by friends and family,
this is a sort of lonely moment for a man.

headlam hall wedding

Eyes left. Something’s happening . . .

headlam hall wedding

It’s the arrival of the bride. I shout Yippee.

( well, I did’t actually shout ‘yippee’, that would be silly,
it would attract attention to myself, and I’d feel such a fool).

(even imagining the thought of yelling Yippee at this point must make you doubt the photographers sanity).


hmmm. I’d best get into serious mode here.


headlam hall wedding

Right. stuff is happening at this point, the registrar (feller on the right)

is kinda reading stuff to everyone,
bride and groom stand smiling,

everything proceeding as normal.

headlam hall wedding

Grooms father looks on, the look on his face is emotional/serious/happy.
The picture tells a story doesn’t it !

headlam hall wedding

Bride puts ring on grooms finger.

headlam hall wedding


Register is singed at this point.
(candles nearby, you understand . . . )


I was kidding, singed is just a mis-spelled signed.

so it was signed at this point – not singed.


just so you don’t get confused I should state
‘The register did not actually catch fire’

headlam hall wedding



More stuff happens, then Harriet and David, walk down the aisle, looking extremely happy !

headlam hall wedding


And emerge from Headlam Hall wedding function suite, immediately turning sepia in the process.
(dunno how that happened, I must have pressed the wrong button somewhere).

headlam hall wedding


Harriet grabs grandma and has a picture taken with her.

durham photojournalist wedding photography


Harriets brother tries to get into a picture,
and Harriet cunningly thwarts him,
camouflaging his face with a bouquet.

headlam hall wedding


We nab a quick picture of everyone,
I try to hurry things along a bit – I shout

‘I think we should hurry at this point – it might rain’

someone shouts back

‘no it won’t’

I’m thinking – from where they’re standing – it looks like a blue sky,

but from where I’m standing – that sky is anything but blue . . and those clouds are moving fast !


headlam hall photojournalist photography

selfie !

durham bridesmaids dress


one very,

no . . . not very,   EXTREMELY, cute bridesmaid.

headlam hall wedding


Harriet and David make an exit.
I like this picture, it’s dynamic, it shows what’s actually happening,

and of course it makes the dress look good 🙂

headlam hall wedding


Taking a quick walk in the gardens, a little bit of time together.

durham wedding dress


and of course, time to pose and look stunning in that dress !

headlam hall wedding


I forgot to mention,

attached to the handle of Harriets bouquet,
was a little memento of Grandma.

headlam hall wedding


Back inside Headlam Hall wedding things are happening,
someone has placed one of those tree things on a table,

it’s a tree thing, where guests are encouraged to dip their thumbs in paint,
and make thumb prints, which then look like leaves upon the tree.

On the tree, you can also sign your name next to your thumb print.

(just in case people don’t immediately recognise you from your smudge).


headlam hall wedding


above, signing a smudge.





headlam hall wedding


Above, very cute little bridesmaid ( she was pictured earlier, hugging her teddy bear)
she finds the inky painty stuff, and the tree thing now becomes an art lesson.


durham wedding sweetie cart



Jars of distractions for small children (and adults !).headlam hall wedding


This is the deal – you find your name on the card thingy on the big green board,
this shows you where your seat is, then you take your seat.  Simple. 🙂



headlam hall wedding


All too soon, it’s time for the wedding breakfast
(wedding days race past, honestly, it’s like a flipping time warp !)







headlam hall wedding


And then we have toasts (some call them speeches – but I think the official parlance is toasts).

Above, we see the best man plotting his speech, whilst the groom delivers his toast.





headlam hall wedding


And of course the guests reactions to the speeches are polite, no bread roll throwing, no catcalls,

a very civilised bunch.


headlam hall wedding


Bridesmaid finds bubbles on table.
immediately fills the air with bubbles.


why not ?




headlam hall wedding


dunno where this picture fits in . . . it probably came after the sunset picture,
oh yes, the sunset picture,

I’ll place a copy of it here – just so that you know what it looks like.


headlam hall gardens wedding picture


Yes, I know . .  it’s a different sunset picture to the one at the start of the page, but I took a few, and I couldn’t choose !


headlam hall wedding


Back inside . Harriet throws bouquet, and achieves a direct hit on a bridesmaid !headlam hall wedding

Then – the first dance.

I have found during countless first dances at weddings,
there is often a character in a purple jumper, standing about on the dance floor,
totally unaware that this is an important moment for the couple.

Of course, a purple jumper isn’t always worn
(that would make these characters easier to spot)

the tactic of the first dance interruptor
is usually to stand on the side of the dance floor
and importantly – to look the other way from the couple.

other tactics employed are

1) find it absolutely necessary to head for the bar at this point – cutting past the bride and groom in the process.

2) find it imperative to speak to someone on a table right next to where the bride and groom are dancing

3) dash either to or from the toilet – of course, the dance floor is in the way – and needs must . . .

4) carry three pints of beer and a soft drink to your table – via the dance floor,
this must be done DURING the first dance,
so that everyone in the room notices that you have bought a round of drinks.

headlam hall wedding


Joking about purple jumpers aside (I’m sure the feller had an innocent reason for being there)

the dance floor now fills with a rather animated bunch of guests.headlam hall wedding


Harriet dances with one of her bridesmaids.

headlam hall wedding

A strange masonic ritual ensues,
I think it’s some sort of hand signal.

Ah no . . it’s a dance isn’t it ! photographed from above.
(I used a small helicopter to get the aerial view of this group of dancers).

headlam hall wedding


It’s a ceilidh band. above you see the bridesmaid who caught the bouquet,
dashing through an archway of arms, with the feller she spent the whole day with . . .

( hmmm. she caught the bouquet, he looks ok . . . wedding on the horizon ?)

headlam hall wedding

more strange dancing things happen.

I photograph them.durham wedding photobooth


A good caption for this picture might be

‘trust me, I’m a doctor’.  🙂

(Harriet and David are Doctors – you can just imagine turning up at A&E and finding this bunch treating you !)

if I get a choice as to who sticks a stethoscope on my chest – I pick the one with the horses head, he looks trustworthy.

who would you choose ?

headlam hall wedding


It gets dark, we take a picture outside.headlam hall wedding


Thank you Harriet and David,
for allowing me to document your lovely wedding day.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. even the sparkler mayhem at the end !