Durham Castle wedding

Durham Castle wedding pictures
from the fabulous wedding day of Gemma and Ian

Durham Castle wedding
This is the rear of the wedding cake

from the front – the cake looks quite conventional, but from the rear – it’s a drum kit . . .

could there be a reason for this, we wonder ?
Durham Castle wedding photographer
Durham Castle Great Hall – dates from 1284.

though I think that the tables and chairs could possibly be later additions.
Durham Castle wedding
I think that there’s a slight lego theme going on here . . .

Durham Castle wedding

Bishops Suite Durham Castle wedding
Gemmas mum makes last minute adjustments to the dress in the Bishop’s Suite at Durham Castle
Durham Castle Bishops suite
We’re still in the Bishop’s Suite at Durham Castle . . .

Gemma and her bridesmaids are almost ready for the wedding.
Durham Wedding photographer
The bridesmaids are ready . . . and so are the boys . . .

At this point . . . I take lots of pictures of the boys waiting for the wedding,

(not just their shoes !) –
I then wander up to the Long Gallery where the wedding is to take place.

With extreme cunning, and well camouflaged,
I lie in wait on the staircase –
knowing that If I take a picture at the right moment –
I should get a lovely image of Gemma on the way to her wedding.

Durham Castle wedding
I wait – Gemma swooshes into view, I go click (well – the camera goes click)
we have the picture ! simple !

The wedding is now moments away . . .
North East Soiree

I dash back into the room, and find a bunch of odd characters
making music at the back.

This is ‘Strum, Pluck and Warble’
The North Easts answer to the Vienna Philharmonic . . .

O.K. You guessed that they aren’t really called Strum Pluck and Warble . . .

They’re really called North East Soiree – and they’re flipping excellent,
book them for your wedding and you will automatically
enhance the atmosphere, astound your guests
and have wonderful music to accompany your Durham Castle wedding day.

Durham Castle wedding
After a bit of strumming and singing from North East Soiree,

Gemma makes her way to the front of the Gallery where her man is waiting.
Durham Castle wedding
During the wedding, there were two readings.

The registrar (the lady with the purple book in the background),
stands in front of an arch that is clearly Norman.

Norman archways were semi circular and often sported decoration such as chevrons
or in this case – a kind of hounds tooth effect.

on to the wedding . . . which is what you’ve came to see !
Durham Castle wedding
Gemma – listening to readings, she’s looking absolutely lovely.
Durham Castle wedding
Here’s a ring . . . don’t drop it !
Durham Castle wedding
Ian making his vows, he’s a fun feller – but very sincere.
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