Doxford Hall wedding photographer

Doxford Hall wedding photographer

Fiona and Rohan were married at All Saints Church in Rothbury

and had a wedding reception at Doxford Hall.

Many of their guests travelled from Australia;  Rohan is an Australian

and the couple actually met in New Zealand.

During Rohans speech – he asked everyone who travelled to the wedding

by aeroplane, to stand up.

It was very impressive, and quite humbling to see the large number of friends

and family who did stand up – and who had travelled such a great distance,

just to be with Fiona and Rohan on their special day.

Anyway . . . on to the pictures ! you’ll be wanting to see some pictures !

They chose myself – Alan Mason, as their Doxford Hall wedding photographer.

Rothbury wedding

The day starts with a view inside of Fionas’ parents house in Rothbury

To the far left of this picture, is a young feller – an Australian by the name of James.

He’s nine years old,  he’s the ringbearer, and he was a bloody brilliant feller.

I ribbed him about being Australian – I said something like

‘oh – you’re Australian . . . hmm, it isn’t your fault . . .’

I was just being a bit naughty really, pulling his leg.

I have the utmost respect for Australians, they have a great country and I’d love to visit one day.

anyway . . . on to the wedding !

 northumberland wedding rings

More bits n bobs are found in the brides room.

(rings . . . c’mon – you guessed that they are rings . . .)

rothbury wedding

Two lovely bridesmaids (not only lovely to look at – but really lovely in character too) open pressies from the bride.

doxford hall wedding  011

Meanwhile – the brides mum applies finishing touches to the dress.

rothbury wedding

And the makeup artist sneaks a peek at what’s going on.

This is a bit of a wierd picture – as the makeup artist was not actually standing to my left.

You probably looked at the picture and thought . . . odd, I don’t quite understand the angle she’s looking from.

Well . . . I’ll give you a clue, so that you can work out where she is standing.

clue : There’s a mirror involved . . .

rothbury wedding

Fionas father waits half way down the stairs as his daughter appears in her wedding dress,

he hasn’t seen the dress until this moment.

rothbury wedding

Birds eye view of Fiona – now following her father down the staircase – that little feller from Australia

(remember – James, aged 9, and he’s a ringbearer . . . )

well, he’s doing his job – and he’s waiting by the front door – to the right of Fionas father in the picture.

all saints church rothbury

Things happen very quickly – we whizz down to the Church

which is All Saints Church in Rothbury.

An ancient feller takes the wheel of the wedding car and zooms down the road.

I’ve positioned myself here in a spot that allows me to see the car approaching – the church in its setting,

the bus which has emptied its passengers into the church – the people waiting on the pavement . .

then I run like the wind after the car and end up at the church.

all saints church rothbury

Fiona, following two excited bridesmaids into the church.

all saints church rothbury

Wow – this bit actually takes some doing.

Music plays – everyone stands – and then you have to walk into the church

concentrating on looking calm, serene, beautiful – whilst all eyes are upon you . . .

No pressure eh !

all saints church rothbury

The man is pleased to see his bride !

all saints church rothbury  023

I step back and get a better view of the whole scene.

this is the congregations eye – view of things.

rothbury wedding photograph

Things happen – people do a bit of speaking, singing and stuff

then it’s time to sign the official documents, the register.

here – two bridesmaids – the girls who had preceded Fiona down the aisle, look on

the ringbearer, James, across the aisle – gets some information from his mum in the seat behind

whilst the vicar sets things up so that everyone is signing the correct document.

rothbury wedding photographer

Here – sign this . . .

one girl signs, whilst four men look on.

documentary wedding photographer northumberland

Other stuff happens, time moves on, people come out of the church etc

you know the kind of thing . .

guests begin to take pictures

here – we see guests photographing everything that moves.

documentary wedding photographer northumberland

and into the car . driven by the delightful old feller who must be nearly a hundred years old . . .

all saints rothbury

Fiona and Rohan are in the car that is overtaking the bus – again – I’ve chosen a spot to show the whole scene

(rather than – look – this is a car . . . or something like that).

london bus wedding northumberland

clambering aboard the bus – I run to the front and find a lot of extremely happy wedding guests – ready to depart for

the wedding reception at Doxford Hall

doxford hall wedding

the bus brings everyone to Doxford Hall

here we see everyone circulating – mingling about in the reception at Doxford Hall

this reception space is sort of circular in shape

(I say sort of – because I simply get that impression from the curvy shapes – it probably isn’t an exact circle

but hey ho – you probably get a fair idea of the shape of the place).

doxford hall wedding

Rohans grandmother, a lovely lady – deep in thought in the reception area at Doxford Hall.

bridesmaid northumberland

A small child looking cute (as small childs are wont to do).

doxford hall wedding

Doxford Hall ballroom set for the wedding breakfast of Fiona and Rohan.

doxford hall wedding photographer

But first – we take a few little pictures showing off the dress . . .

and Fiona

and Rohan . . .

doxford hall wedding

wedding photographers northumberland

Fiona explained that she’d like a ‘casual picture’ of herself and her two bridesmaids, maybe having a laugh or something.

Casual pictures with giggles coming up . . .

wedding photographers northumberland

doxford hall wedding

doxford hall wedding pictures

doxford hall  001

doxford hall wedding pictures

doxford hall wedding photographer

doxford hall wedding reception

doxford hall wedding reception doxford hall wedding ceilidh doxford hall wedding function doxford hall wedding evening doxford hall wedding evening

doxford hall wedding photograph

Ah – we take pictures in the dark too . . .


Thank you Fiona and Rohan – for allowing me to photograph your very special day.

I enjoyed your company and that of your lovely friends and family very much.

(and also the meal – which was an unexpected treat !)