Doxford Hall wedding

doxford hall wedding picture

Doxford Hall wedding

An outdoor wedding in England . . . yes, you heard it . . . outdoors,

and you know what the weather can be like in England !

insane or inspired ? you decide !

Here are a tiny selection of pictures from Sandra and Bryans lovely Doxford Hall wedding.

doxford hall wedding picture

You will notice that dogs are in evidence at this wedding

this is not simply by chance

You see – Sandra ( and who can blame her) absolutely loves her dogs

and wanted them to be part of her wedding day.

Why not !! . . . I hear you say!

I like dogs, I have two myself . . . and totally understand Sandras point of view here !

doxford hall wedding picture

So – waiting at the front – in the capable hands of the best man, is a rather lovely honey coloured dog !

doxford hall wedding picture

and an equally lovely black furry dog thing

stands guard between Sandra and Bryan during the wedding vows.

oh – I think she said something . . . or somebody did . . .

whatever was said – generated a laugh anyway !

doxford hall wedding picture

and walking down the aisle – along with . . . you guessed it, the dogs 🙂northumberland wedding pictures

mingling happened

above – pictures of people mingling

doxford hall wedding picture

due to a quirk in English law

the register can’t be signed outdoors – it needs to have a roof over it

(I guess that if it rained and we were outdoors,
the ink would smudge, so they need a roof, or something like that . . . )

northumberland wedding pictures

Paperwork completed . . . under a roof . . . we hop back outdoors for more mingling.doxford hall wedding picture

A cake awaits, a reception happens. speeches are made

a cartoonist makes cartoons

and a little girl gets close to a little boy . . . doxford hall wedding picture

doxford hall wedding picture

Dancing, a sixties tribute band . . . more dancing.

a good day !