Bamburgh Castle wedding photograph

northumberland wedding

Bamburgh Castle wedding photograph

This picture of Bamburgh Castle, with Fiona and Rohan in the foreground

(or is it a picture of Fiona and Rohan with Bamburgh Castle in the background . . .?)

looks a little like a postcard

in fact – it has all the requirements of a postcard – a good composition,

a nice range of tones – it’s very printable !


bamburgh castle wedding picture

I’m guessing that Fiona and Rohan might make a print of this image

and perhaps send it to friends and family as a thank you card from their wedding.


as a postcard ?

maybe . .


why not !


bamburgh castle wedding photograph


of the two pictures . . I firstly liked the vertical one – for the massive reach into that dark blue sky . .


then I thought . . hmm. if it’s a postcard. then it’s the horizontal picture . . .


ho hum . . . back to working on more lovely pictures . . .


p.s. here’s another of Fiona and Rohans pictures . . . I’ve ¬†just finished working on it.

northumberland wedding