Alnwick Castle wedding proposal

maybe just – man pops question : lady says yes !

Kurt and Katie – marriage proposal.

an Alnwick Castle wedding proposal – or is the correct term, marriage proposal.

Katie and Kurt were on vacation in England, when, out of the blue – I got a message from Kurt :

‘ I’m going to propose to my girl at Alnwick Castle Northumberland,
could you photograph it’ ?

Of course – I said yes !

The interesting part was – it was to be a surprise –
and Katie wasn’t to know when or where it was going to happen –
and she was not to know that there was a photographer snapping away . . .

‘will you marry me’?

I have to tell you . . . this took a little bit of organising.

Google maps were heavily involved . . .

Kurt sent me a link so that I could track him ( track his mobile signal) as he approached the spot. I sat there thinking,
I really do hope this is going to work – if his mobile loses its signal – that might be a problem.

I found a place on a park bench, where I could sit pretending to idly play with my camera and camera bag, just like every other tourist at Alnwick Castle.

Cut to the chase. The wonderful staff at Alnwick Castle were involved,

(I could see them in the distance taking a sneaky peek)

Kate didnt’ suspect a thing. We were very lucky with the pictures,

I got everything on camera without Kate noticing at all.


Kate and Kurt are big Harry Potter fans, which I think is the reason that they chose Alnwick Castle for their wedding proposal.

And is that a picture flying on broomsticks ?

Oh come on . . . it just had to be done 🙂

Thank you Katie and Kurt, for allowing me to photograph your marriage proposal – it was a total pleasure for me.