Shortflatt Tower wedding

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

Jill and Paul were married at St Giles Church in Chollerford,
then had a fabulous wedding reception at Shortflatt Tower.

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

Below : a couple of pictures taken inside Shortflatt Tower on the wedding morning.
shortflatt tower wedding pictures

A little girls hand finds, and then ushers from a window, a butterfly.

This is because the window is required for . . .

little girls to dance in 🙂

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

The fun continues outside, in the garden at Shortflatt Tower.

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

A pretty girl awaits the wedding car
that will take her to the man of her dreams.

(He’s waiting at the Church).

shortflatt tower wedding_0006

No points for guessing the name of the church.

st giles church chollerford wedding_0007

An extremely good natured vicar awaits at the church door.

Here – we see the bride, her father,
and the previously dancing bridesmaids arriving.

st giles church chollerford wedding

General wedding things happen in the church,
To respect privacy – I’m not showing too much detail in the way of the guests.

st giles church chollerford wedding st giles church chollerford wedding

Above :

confetti is hurled,

ice cream is served in the Churchyard,
a man sports an impressive wing commander moustache

and the (extremely good natured) vicar
spots the stormy wet rain clouds on the horizon, and pulls a face at them.

shortflatt tower wedding

‘Groom drives bride away . . . ‘

Oh heck . . . that sounds like they had an argument  . . . they didn’t argue . . .
I meant, ‘groom drives bride away in vintage sports car’.

that still doesn’t sound right

ok. try again . . .

‘Groom drives’ . . . (this isn’t working).

aw nuts.

the caption is going to be

‘They drove off in a car’.

Then arrived at Shortflatt Tower,
where Tipis had been erected in the gardens.

tipi wedding northumberland

During the afternoon, clouds came, then went

then during the meal – the clouds came back in spectacular style

(the pictures of the sky to the right – were taken during the meal.

those whirly bits have a technical ‘cloud spotter name’

Cloud formations like this are called

‘The vortex of doom’

I’m kidding.
I just made that up.

but they’re impressive clouds . . eh !!

shortflatt tower wedding

Speeches, in a marquee in the grounds of Shortflatt Tower.
lots of flowers here too. Very impressive flower arrangements !

Again – to respect guest privacy at this wedding,
you’re not really able to work out who is here !

(There were lots of guests !  That’s all you need to know ! 🙂 )

shortflatt tower wedding

After the wedding breakfast, speeches and stuff.

Everyone made their way over to the Tipis for a spot of socialising.

Those whacking great cloud formations had cleared off by this time.

It then rained,

and after rain . . . we got a


Below – you see the bride and groom hopping over from the Marquee to the Tipis,
in the rain, under a double rainbow.
The slightly golden/peachy coloured light is the storm light still in the sky.

What weather !

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

Then . . . bride hurls bouquet at a bunch of eligible girls.

more socialising in the Tipis . . .

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

And. First dance,
with an explosion of music and a pretty darned cool set of lighting

with the bogus brothers band

( I think this is a link to their site)

bogus brothers band

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

Then . . to round off the evening,

some brightly coloured artillery is fired into the air.

Fireworks. A really impressive display !

shortflatt tower wedding pictures shortflatt tower wedding pictures

And, if you’re remotely curious about the layout of the back garden at Shortflatt Tower,
and where the marquee fitted into all of this.

I climbed onto the roof and took the pictures below.

and if you’d like to see more of the wonderful Shortflatt Tower
and perhaps contact the rather individual owners . . . Jono and Octavia,

shortflatt tower wedding pictures

Thank you Jill and Paul (and the crazy dancing bridesmaids)

for allowing me to be a tiny part of your rather lovely wedding celebrations. 🙂