Otterburn Castle pictures

otterburn castle pictures

Otterburn Castle pictures

Andrew and Sarah were married in a church,
then went on to have their wedding reception at Otterburn Castle

some pictures below !


northumberland bridal pictures

Andrew is a seaman, a matelot, a man who roves the ocean waves,
so that makes sense of the little note found on the wedding morning.

It’s a really touching thought once you know the background to it.

northumberland bridal pictures

One bride, very pretty, being readied for the most important day of her life.

northumberland bridal pictures

A piper toots on those bagpipe things (they are very noisy things, I can tell  you !)

and the guys arrive, followed by the bride.

northumberland bridal pictures


Wedding things happen, a service, words are spoken,

you know the kind of thing . . .

A man signs a book, which makes everything legal !northumberland bridal pictures

Then . . . a long road journey up to Otterburn Castle,
in a vintage car supplied by AB wedding cars if I remember rightly !

otterburn castle pictures

Ah, beautiful girl grabs man, wind blows veil . . .

and we have a picture !

otterburn castle pictures


otterburn castle pictures

Stepping inside, we find that the reception is to be held in the marquee at Otterburn Castle,

at this point in the day (late afternoon/early evening on a winters day),

it began to rain, then the wind got up

and the roof of the marquee was heaving up and down in the strong winds.

it made for a very atmospheric wedding reception !

otterburn castle pictures

In the rainy night, I got some pictures of our bride and groom by asking them to remain in the porch

whilst I stood, blasted sideways by wind, and drenched by rain . . . clicking away,

and got these images.

otterburn castle pictures

The winds were so strong, and the rain so heavy, that we thought that the surprise fireworks would be cancelled,

but no . . . the rain eased off a little,
and the fireworks were launched into the hurricane,
whilst guests were hypnotised by sparklers,

You can see the trails of the fireworks being pulled to the left of this picture .

also the firework smoke is blasting across to the left . . . downwind.

some guests have umbrellas up

most don’t.

(who thinks of taking an umbrella to a wedding ?)


otterburn castle pictures


And when the final smoke from the fireworks has cleared,

all we’re left with are the guests, still hypnotised by their sparklers

and a bride and groom, in the glow of some sparklers

kissing in the dark.otterburn castle pictures

Thank you Andrew and Sarah, for allowing me to be a tiny part of your big day !