Newton Hall weddings

newton hall wedding photographer 07

Newton Hall wedding


Carys and Stu had a summer wedding.


That meant, beaches, sunshine, sandcastles and camels . . .


Did I say camels ?


It must be a sand dune thing . . .
the desert heat was getting to my brain . . .
maybe there was a camel involved somewhere.
hmmm let me think . . .




Prior to Newton Hall weddings, we find the men massing outside purposefully.

( Well, standing around and chatting, practising wrestling moves,
you know . . . manly stuff).

newton hall wedding pictures

Inside, we find Carys (she’s the girl sitting in the foreground, having things done to her hair,
the girl behind, with the checked trousers, is a bridesmaid).

Just prior to this picture being taken, the hairdresser removed
what looked like two rocket launchers from the bridesmaids hair.

I was thinking that they were some kind of art hair feature,
or maybe an attack mechanism for use on ushers.

Oh . . . they might have been rollers . . . 🙁

newton hall wedding pictures


A very cute shoe – to be worn by Carys on her adventures today.
The shoe is being bitten by some random thing in the room.


Now what kind of creature is that ?

hmmm . . .

newton hall wedding pictures


Arco string quartet fire into life,
plucking and strumming as if there is no tomorrow.

arco website

Stu glances thoughtfully at the camera, as Carys hoves into view with her father.



newton hall wedding pictures

Various wedding stuff happens,
Arco stringy quartet falls silent.

another gratuitous link to arco string quartets website

‘do you take this man to be your husband?’



newton hall wedding pictures

Yes, all of that, and more, happened.

two babies cried.

two fathers removed babies and hurled them into nearby bushes

man kisses girl

I do. (not necessarily in that order).

you’re married !

newton hall wedding picturesnewton hall wedding pictures

At this point, we decide to make a really sensible looking group picture.
Stu’s brother is a pilot, so in his honour, everyone imitates planes and pilots.

(Stu’s brother is the man flying on the wing, banking slightly to Starboard).

The bouquet was placed on the ground immediately after this picture,
as it was found that the flower arrangement impeded the brides aerodynamic qualities.

The bridesmaids are both imitating a JU87b Stukas (bent wings).

And the grandma, to the right, is wondering what is going on
(as far as she was aware, she’d been invited to a wedding!).


Ho hum . . .

This is normal for me.

I like this kind of normal. 🙂

newton hall wedding pictures

more stuff happens. I take more pictures.

nice people.  very nice people

(that’s my verdict).

p.s. I only photograph weddings for nice people. Polite, loving caring folk, preferably getting married in interesting places.
newton hall wedding pictures

Arco string quartet

arco . . click here . . click this link to get arco 

(is that enough plugs Arco ?)

Anyway – Arco string quartet, strum twang and pluck in the hallway,
whilst guests chat inside.

I think that Arco string quartet do lots of Newton Hall weddings,
they seemed to know the best spots anyway !

newton hall wedding pictures

Carys has a bunch of friends,
they would like a picture together.

So we do that.  then move on.



newton hall wedding picturesOh yes, we’d better get a picture of the bridesmaids, looking good.



newton hall weddingsnewton hall weddings


Pictures in the garden at Newton Hall, Stu said he liked the wierd looking birdcage gazebo structure, so we went there.

Also, the weather being rather nice – we decide to slope off to the beach.


newton hall wedding pricesnewton hall wedding prices


Stu quickly rustles up a rapidly built sandcastle,
so we take pictures with it.

Oh – and he makes a heart shape in the sand too 🙂


newton hall wedding pricesnewton hall wedding photographer 07


Below, guests amuse themselves with bubbles, awaiting the arrival of the Bride and Groom into the room.


newton hall weddings

Below – Stu’s brother makes an excellent speech.
I’m getting a tiny sense of Deja-Vu here, as I also photographed Stu’s lovely sisters wedding a couple of years ago,
They’re a lovely good natured warm hearted family.  I like people like this.


newton hall weddings


newton hall weddings


A balmy summer evening spent on the patio overlooking the Northumberland countryside,
waiting for the sunset, and there is one crazy bridesmaid swinging on an old car tyre . . .

Newton Hall weddings . . .  🙂
newton hall wedding photography
newton hall wedding photography


There is much more that I could tell you about this lovely Newton Hall wedding,

There was the Star Wars connection . . .

and the dancing . . . slightly crazy dancing . . . to slightly crazy music.


newton hall weddings photography



newton hall wedding photography prices


A really good day, spent in the company of really good people.

Thank you Carys and Stu, for trusting me with your Newton Hall wedding pictures.




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Arco String Quartet 


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