Langley Castle in Autumn

an Autumn wedding dream

[ Dream : A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal ] .

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Photography in the fabulous landscaped grounds of Langley Castle

dream wedding venue in the heart of Northumberland

Langley Castle

model : Ash

Langley Castle, Dream wedding venue in Northumberland

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Langley Castle is a fabulous wedding venue.


I have been lucky enough to photograph several weddings at Langley Castle over the years,
and I never tire of the place, there is always something fresh to see, new angles to discover.

The place changes constantly through the seasons,
the only constant, being the superb staff who have always been helpful to me as a photographer.


We organised an autumn bridal shoot in order to take advantage of the wonderful colours in the landscaped grounds of Langley Castle in the fall.

Whether you would like formal posed images at your wedding or not,
it is a huge advantage to have such a beautiful landscape to take pictures in.

Autumn brings cascades of golden leaves, winter brings crisp frosts and swirling snows.

Each season is so different from the last.  Each day brings different weather.

And each time I go there – I leave late in the day – happy that I’ve seen the old place again.
I always encounter friendly faces,
and I make news friends of the wonderful couples who have chosen to marry here.


Langley Castle – from a photographers point of view – is a little piece of heaven on earth.


Langley Castle wedding website can be reached on the following link.

Langley Castle