Judges Hotel wedding – it was a church really . . . :)

Kennedy is from Australia
which explains why he is wearing a kilt in some of the pictures.

Jessica and Kennedy were married at a little church in Heighington

then they swooshed over to a place called Judges Hotel in Cleveland.


Judges is near to Kirklevington, and in Cleveland (I think !).

judges hotel wedding pictures


I amble firstly into Redworth Hall – (Redworth Hall is a hotel near to the Church),
I find Jessica and the bridesmaids getting ready there.


Above – you see some details – including my pet Elk called Doris.

Elk, I hear you say . . . ?


Deer me, what’s the world coming to if I can’t identify a moose when it’s staring at me . . .

Anyway . . . more pictures ahoy !

judges hotel wedding pictures

Above, you see Jessicas lovely mum Linda, she is stalking Jessica with a veil . . .
At the right moment, she’ll swing the veil around like a large fishing net,
capture Jessica in it – and the bridesmaids will quickly attach the veil to Jessicas head with stapleguns.


Below – the veil safely stapled in place
(or it might have been nailed or screwed in place . . .  what do I know?    I’m just a bloke).

Jessicas father Dave sees Jessica in her wedding dress for the first time,
genuine pleasure shows on his face.


judges hotel wedding pictures_0010


judges hotel wedding pictures

The picture below shows the entry of the bride and her father and sundry bridesmaids,
accompanied by a string quartet.

The string quartet accompanied the bride in musical terms of course,
They didn’t actually accompany the bride up the aisle – as that would have been silly,
and the sheets of music would have been all over the place.

durham wedding pictures


Various wedding things happen below
bride twists arm behind grooms back
and forces wedding ring onto his finger.



judges hotel wedding pictures judges hotel wedding pictures

The picture below looks as if it was taken by a drone,
actually – I don’t have a drone – they are too darned noisy for weddings – especially in churches.

So the picture was taken by my trained owl called Rodney.

Rodney the owl quietly flies about with a camera on his back.

he’s pretty well behaved, he doesn’t poop in church or anything

but if anyone complains that they didn’t want an owl at their wedding . . . he couldn’t give two hoots.

heighington church wedding


judges hotel wedding pictures

Another picture taken by my drone

( sorry – mustn’t call it a drone – it’s taken by Rodney my pet owl)

the picture is taken from about 30 feet up at the back of the church.

Nobody ever notices Rodney the owl taking pictures,
just a rustle of feathers – an almost silent ‘click’

the occasional Hoot is usually mistaken for a car horn outside.

judges hotel wedding pictures judges hotel wedding pictures

Jessica and Kennedy emerge from the Church gate – Kennedy flings his arms up

it’s either joy and exhilaration – he’s crossing the finish line


. . . or the Church of England has became very aggressive in enforcing its ‘no confetti’ policy

An Archbishop in the undergrowth has taken aim with a snipers rifle – and bagged the groom in the chest.

Bullseye.  He’s wearing a kilt too. So the shot scores extra points.

(if you ever see an Archbishops hat protruding from undergrowth,
you should suspect that something isn’t quite right).

judges hotel wedding pictures

judges hotel kirklevington

Wedding car and van thing, departing.
(van thing contained bridesmaids).

It was a VW camper van – and it was very nice too!
it looked quite cool – very nice inside –
obviously professionally converted into a bridesmaid transporter with wall hooks for bouquets
and six ceiling mirrors for makeup touchups.

judges hotel wedding pictures_0020


Arrival at Judges Hotel, Kirklevington.

The sun shines for a few moments – Then it clouds over.

Darn.  If only I’d had a bit more of that sunshine. 🙁


below – a novel take on bride throwing bouquet . . .

The bridemaids throw bouquets instead.



judges hotel wedding pictures_0021

Sunshine comes and goes all afternoon.  you can tell by the ‘whiteness’ of the sky in these pictures,

It’s cloud cover, with sunny spells.


( I’ve always thought that sunny spells sounded a bit like white witchcraft – but that’s another subject).

judges hotel wedding pictures

Back on track – and sun definitely shining now we’re all in the garden of Judges Hotel Kirklevingtons function suite.

Little bridesmaid / mini bride / tiny bride-ette of 18 months age . . . steals the show

Above, Grandma Vera makes sure she’s in a picture with her 3 lovely grand daughters.

judges hotel wedding pictures

Oh . . . I forgot to mention, we need a caption for the black and white picture above . . .

the picture in which the groom is clutching something . . .   🙂

judges hotel wedding pictures judges hotel kirklevington

A rapid walk in the garden generates a bunch of pictures,
then we hop into the Judges Hotel Kirklevington function suite for a rousing welcome from the guests.

judges hotel wedding pictures

judges hotel wedding pictures


judges hotel wedding pictures


Below – Kennedy is making some last minute adjustments to his wedding speech,

I use a super long lens and nab a picture without him realising it . . .

judges hotel kirklevington 02

judges hotel wedding pictures


Speeches . . . . Kennedy’s speech is heartfelt.

The two best mens speeches are shown below

(both best men were once grooms themselves –
and oddly enough – I was lucky enough to photograph both of their weddings).

judges hotel wedding pictures

Above – you see a speech torpedo striking its target.

Kennedy – the groom, is hit directly in the chuckle muscles.


judges hotel kirklevington 03


This speech – or pair of speeches combined – was a true double act – and delivered in some style.

judges hotel wedding pictures
judges hotel wedding pictures

The ubiquitous selfie stick.

in case you need to look that up – it’s my word of the week.


Oh – you want to know what it means ?
It means a stick with a mobile phone on it that takes pi


‘selfie stick’  has to be an official word in the dictionary by now.


oh – I see – you wanted to know what ubiquitous meant !

I’ve no idea.
It probably means very ubiquit.

judges hotel wedding pictures_0030

Kennedy, the groom, enjoys a swig of particularly tasty whisky.

(you can almost taste the flavour by looking at the furrows on his brow).




Ah – I get to take some nice pictures of the bride and groom.

judges hotel wedding pictures




anyway . . . after much fun cutting a cake with a selfie stick,
and Ken’s photo bomb booth firing into action,

there is dancing to be done.

And these folks could dance !

judges hotel wedding pictures judges hotel wedding pictures


just before I amble off into the dusk,
I nab Jessica and Kennedy for a couple of final pictures.

they’ll be lovely pictures to end the album on.

judges hotel wedding pictures

Thank you so much, Jessica and Kennedy,
for trusting me with your wedding pictures.

The whole day was a pleasure, from start to finish.