Hulne Abbey weddings

hulne abbey wedding pictures

Hulne Abbey weddings on the Duke of Northumberlands estate in Alnwick
are pretty rare at the moment.

This is because Hulne Abbey has only recently begun to promote the possibility of weddings in this fairytale enchanted place.


The place is so new (and yet, so old . . . 13th Century I believe . . . )
that I haven’t actually photographed a wedding here before.


A brilliant bunch of models and suppliers came together
to make some pictures showcasing Hulne Abbey weddings.

As a result, I got the chance to have a really good look around the building and the area,
(which will come in very handy when I get to photograph a wedding there) 🙂 .

And the models got some pictures too . . .

At the same time as producing the wedding dress images, I shot some sets of portfolio images for the models,
so I guess I was reasonably productive that afternoon.

hulne abbey wedding pictures

In the picture above you get a feel for the place,
the old Abbey walls now enclose a sheltered area – like a walled garden, filled with ruins of various sorts,
many have no roofs, only walls, part covered with trailing ivy.



hulne abbey wedding pictures

Robert Adam ( he of the eponymous Adam style architecture – interior decorating – fireplace roadshow business)
is reputed to have had a hand in the building and some of its interiors.

The door to the right – behind the two pretty little bridesmaids,
looks like a medieval fantasy to me, the pointed arches are in what’s called an ‘ogee’ shape,
this shape was all the rage in the 13th and 14th centuries,

but the finishing, the windows and the window frames, as you’d expect, are somewhat later,

if I didn’t know the Robert Adam connection – I’d have put money on it being 1840’s gothic revival architecture.

but then – the walls themselves are definitely ancient . . .

It’s a mix isn’t it !

the lovely flattened arch behind the couple in the picture on the left above,
is a carriage arch – coming from the time of Henry V111 – six wives and all that . . .
but then the cross shaped arrow slits above it – would be from the time before cannons,
– otherwise they wouldn’t be arrow slits . . . 🙂

but then again, they’re blocked in with stonework, so purely decorative . . . 1840’s again ??

or earlier ??  I don’t know. perhaps I ought to read up on this stuff.


There’s lots of interesting stuff here for building buffs. (and for couples looking for a dream like place in which to get married !)
hulne abbey wedding pictures

The building that Holli the model is propping up (above) is the Duke of Northumberlands shooting lodge.

hulne abbey wedding pictures hulne abbey wedding pictures

I believe that the buildings have appeared in some TV and film productions.

some of the buildings we shot in, had featured in ‘Robin Hood, prince of thieves’

there are more . . . many more TV and films to list . . . but I don’t want to bore you with detail . . .

hulne abbey wedding pictures


Below : a couple of pictures of our models for the day :


hulne abbey weddings

Little Alex and Amy, James and Holli.

hulne abbey weddings

Matt, looking thoughtful. Matt is also a musician.

hulne abbey wedding pictures_0007

and Athena, looking like a fashion shoot from Vogue.


Many thanks to Alnwick Castle staff for helping with the logistics of the shoot.

and a massive thank you to Donna, from L’Amour bridal, of 81 Boldon Lane, South Shields NE34 0AR – tel 0191 455 1313

for supplying both dresses, suits and her 3 adorable children as models !


and huge heaps of thanks to models Holli, Matt, and Athena, who really put themselves out and gave a lot of their time and energy to the shoot.