Headlam Hall wedding

Harriet had a surprise pressie for David on their wedding day.

The pressie was a Ferrari.

A cunning plan was devised, to distract David with a picture of himself and the best man,

whilst a red thing hurtled around the corner and totally surprised him.

durham wedding photographer

The plan was for the rather fast red car to take David to his wedding.

durham wedding photographer

so . . we move on to

Headlam Hall wedding photographs

which is probably what you came to see on this page . . .

Inside Headlam Hall, the girls are getting ready.

surrounded by girly things like flowers and nice shoes and stuff like that.durham wedding photographer

I am informed that the bride would like a picture with her bridesmaids,

then it all goes pear shaped someone peeks around the door,
and the whole scene descends into giggles.

The registrars arrive and we all get serious again.headlam hall wedding photographer

Ah – the feller is waiting downstairs – that Ferrari trick got him here on time . . .

headlam hall wedding photographer

Luckily, he is then joined by a girl in a white dress
various words are spoken. Rings exchanged.

More stuff then happens. headlam hall wedding photographer headlam hall wedding photographer

And before you know it – they’re married !!

headlam hall wedding photographer

Here are some group pictures.

Because . . . well . . .
Because some folks would like some group pictures at their weddings

and if I am asked for group pictures, I make group pictures.  simple.
If you don’t want group pictures – then you don’t have to have them . . it’s up to you !

(in reality – it’s rare for me to photograph a wedding with no group pictures).headlam hall wedding photographer

It’s nice to spend some time making pictures that show a story unfolding,
folks simply enjoying the day.  As they should !headlam hall wedding photographer

You’d like to see the room at Headlam Hall in which the wedding breakfast is held.

Well – here goes. The pictures of the room are below.

It’s a rather nice room, with an unusual barrel vaulted glass roof.

headlam hall wedding photographer

We take some quick pictures in the garden before the wedding breakfast . . .durham wedding photographer


Then hop back inside, and we find guests amusing themselves with finger painting or something weird like that.durham wedding photographer durham wedding photographer

And after the meal, we have . . . speeches !

( or toasts as it’s proper to call them)

below, you see a teddy bear who finds it all a bit much . . .
durham wedding photographer durham wedding photographer

Stepping outside, we notice the most amazing sunset

so . . . naturally, we nab a quick picture of aforementioned sunset.headlam hall wedding photographer

There was a heck of a party atmosphere at this wedding,
a first dance in a reasonably traditional fashion,
was closely followed by a ceilidh.

If you don’t know what a ceilidh is,

it’s a ceiling spelled with a blocked nose.


durham wedding photographer durham wedding photographer

Oh . . I forgot to mention,

both Harriet and David (and a large number of their friends)

are doctors.  so I guess the caption for the pictures below might (not) be,

trust me, I’m a doctor.  🙂

p.s. try to spot the groom in the forma posed group picture below.durham wedding photographer durham wedding photographerThank you Harriet and David,

your wedding day was the most tremendous fun,
absolutely everyone there added smiles and laughter to the day.

it was a day filled with good memories.

now I slide off into the night . . . to work on the pictures.