Eshott Hall

Christina and Michael were married at Longhirst Church
( cool vicar . . . a total gentleman called Simon . . . ).

and a wedding reception at Eshott Hall



eshott hall weddings picture


Christina and her bridesmaids . . . ready nice and early !!

(ready early . . . this is unusual at a wedding . . .

bridesmaids quite often look at the time that they’re meant to be leaving the building and use that as an aim point for getting ready . . . which doesn’t always work !

it often results in a panicked bride . . . but in this case – no panic, no stress – super calm !)


eshott hall weddings picture


super calm and happy !

( I should mention here – that the lovely flowers were provided by Fern florists)

nice work Julie and Jane

eshott hall weddings picture


Someone  must have said something funny !

then . . a wedding happened

there was a wedding reception

some pictures were taken !

more to follow. 🙂

eshott hall weddings pictures

I like trees, they’re pretty magical things,
it often surprises me that they can’t talk.

Well – I don’t go around listening to them in case they do speak . . . that would be silly,
but what I’m getting at is – they live for as long as we do, and often much longer,
they’re living things – part of creation – they wake in spring, sleep in winter . . .

And if they could speak – they’d have some stories to tell . . .



eshott hall weddings by alan mason photography


I took the picture above to show the beauty of the woodland setting,
the flowers in the foreground are ( I believe ! ) wild garlic and bluebells.

With so much wild garlic about – the smell was quite strong –
it’s surprising that we didn’t go back to the wedding, smelling of pizza 🙂

Alert to foodies – I know that garlic doesn’t just go into pizza,
there are many wonderful dishes augmented by garlic.

It just sounded amusing to say pizza, that’s all.
To suggest that we’d go back smelling of Broccoli with garlic and lemon – doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.