Doxford Hall wedding

doxford hall northumberland

Anna and James had a relaxed, intimate wedding at Doxford Hall, Northumberland.


 doxford hall wedding photographer

 I wandered about the building for quite a while before discovering the location of the bride.

Anna was in the Earl Grey room,

Anna likes tea. ( so Earl Grey made sense in an odd sort of way).

doxford hall wedding photographer  02

 Further wanderings about the building revealed James (the groom) and the best man,

and a violin . . .

 doxford hall wedding photographer

Ah – that’s what the violin was for . . .

The violin is played as the bride enters the room . . .

Well, enters the area where the wedding is to take place,
which is technically, a landing.doxford hall wedding photographer  05

But I like the landing – it’s well lit for a start,
and on a day like today – the sunlight positively floods in.

doxford hall wedding photographer  06


doxford hall wedding photographer


Above, sundry pictures of wedding things happening . . .doxford hall wedding photographerdoxford hall wedding photographerdoxford hall wedding photographer

doxford hall wedding photographer

We take some family pictures.

(some photographers call these ‘the obligatory group photographs’)

They aren’t obligatory at all,
if you would like group pictures, you have them. It’s as simple as that.
(but it’s nice if they don’t take too long . . . that way, you get to enjoy your wedding day !)doxford hall wedding photographer


doxford hall small wedding

It would be a shame not to take a handful of pictures of Anna and James,
so we take a gentle walk in the garden.

And I nab picture opportunities as we wander.
doxford hall summer wedding doxford hall summer wedding

Anna and James ended their wedding celebration at Doxford Hall
with dinner in the George Runciman restaurant.

(don’t ask me who George Runciman is, I haven’t a clue !)

doxford hall restaurant

All that remains is for me to say

thank you Anna and James, for allowing me to play a tiny part in your lovely wedding day.