Chillingham Castle wedding

chillingham castle wedding photographer



Chillingham Castle weddings are often rather individual, quirky affairs.

This haunted castle is almost like a stage set . . .

Did I just say haunted . . . ?

I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, and things that go bump in the night.

but I guess I’m not staying the night in the Castle,
so it’s easy for me to be brave and say that I don’t believe in such things . . .



chillingham castle wedding  007

Sonia ( the bride) is chatting to the registrar in the tower.

From these pictures – you can see that it was a very serious day indeed . . .

( not really serious !  getting married is a serious business, but the day should also contain laughter and fun !)


Chillingham Castle wedding


Chillingham Castle wedding

Chillingham Castle wedding

Here you see the general scene.
I’ve slipped to the back of the room to get an overview of the proceedings.
Anne Patton, the superintendent registrar is off to the right,
conducting the marriage service.

This room is reputed to be haunted. ( as is most of the castle, so I’m told)

A large elephant is watching from the wall to the right.



Chillingham Castle wedding

Do you take this ring ? Stephen accepts his wedding ring from Sonia.

Chillingham Castle wedding

Signing the register . . . the legal bit.

Chillingham Castle wedding


After the wedding, everyone spills out onto the lawn,

This isn’t a massive wedding – quite a lovely intimate affair.


chillingham castle wedding  015


Chillingham Castle wedding


Chillingham Castle wedding


Chillingham Castle wedding

We hop about the place and obtain a handful of posed pictures.

This is what the bride would like, and who am I to refuse ?  🙂

( I like making pictures anyway – whether they are posed or unposed,
I am happy as long as I am being productive !)

chillingham castle wedding  023


chillingham castle wedding  026


Chillingham Castle wedding


Ah – Flowers, and brightly coloured lights . . . what and where is this table decoration ?

. . . it’s in the room below.
A strange hall like room (which isn’t the main hall, as that’s where the wedding took place).


Chillingham Castle wedding


The tables are set for the wedding breakfast.


Chillingham Castle wedding

The room fills, and speeches ensue.



Chillingham Castle wedding

I wander about the place and find a perfectly lovely little wedding guest,
dressed up to the nines, standing in a doorway.

Speaking of perfectly lovely . . . standing in a doorway . . . 🙂


Chillingham Castle wedding

Dancing – seen from above.

The round lighting effects you see all over the picture are evidence
of hauntings.
Weddings in the castle are often haunted by coloured lights . . .
especially during the first dance.

I think the technical name for such supernatural oddities, is ‘orbs’.

‘look – there are orbs in the picture . . . ‘


Chillingham Castle wedding


Chillingham Castle wedding

The cake is cut.

The man above on the balcony is one of the ghosts,

he appears at Chillingham Castle weddings, as a spooky figure on the balcony.

Chillingham Castle wedding




Ah – flaming torches . . .

we nab a quick picture involving the flaming torches at the front door – then I slide off into the night.

you can find Chillingham Castle by clicking this link Chillingham Castle website

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