Doxford Hall wedding

doxford hall wedding

Doxford Hall Wedding Ellie and Phillip were married at Doxford Hall

Lanercost Priory wedding

lanercost priory

Lanercost Priory wedding       Anita and Andrew were married at Lanercost Priory.  

Fern florists

fern florist northumberland table decoration

Fern Florists A tale of flowers, giggling bridesmaids, random gatecrashing bluebells . . . I have encountered Fern florists at several weddings over the years, and I’ve always received a happy smile from Julie and Jane. I take such little interest in what the neighbours are up to on my estate, that it’s taken me several years to realise that Julie and Jane live just down my street, about 10 doors away ! The pictures below – were taken at the rather lovely wedding of Christina and Michael at Eshott Hall.         The light at Eshott Hall is …

Matfen Hall wedding package

matfen hall pictures

Amy and Phil, were married at Matfen Hall in Northumberland Above, you see Phil, (the tall feller) and his best man on the morning of his wedding at Matfen Hall. meanwhile, Amy is having makeup applied. I wander about the room, locating good natured children and pretty bridesmaids and strange bouquets made from musical paper . .   The older bridesmaids (not that much older of course) give the little bridesmaids a whirl. Phil discusses the order of the day with the registrar, then hops outside for a picture with his friends. Much merriment and mayhem occurs, little girls descend …

Matfen Hall pictures

wedding night stars

Matfen Hall pictures the wedding of Sue and Mark Sue and Mark were married at Matfen Hall Northumberland. Situated west of Newcastle on Tyne, Matfen Hall is out in the countryside, surrounded by golf course (if you’re into that sort of thing) and has a pretty impressive neo Gothic Great Hall in which to be married. I arrive early and find the girls getting ready, and mark being strangled by a cravat.   Children were in evidence at this wedding, they were well behaved, and totally indulged by the best man (woman). Above, you see high level discussions between Mark, the …

summer weddings

summer wedding north east england

Photographers and painters often talk about light. They mention the quality of light, the quantity of light, and it often seems that they’re talking gibberish. Light is the same wherever you go, isn’t it ?   well . . . not quite . . .   If you imagine that you are on a beach in Barbados, the sun is staring down on  you from a deep blue sky, bouncing off white sand, creating dark shadows and intense colours.   Or imagine that you are standing in the middle of a British town, on a cold day, with an overcast sky, there is …

Paul Lytton, magician

paul lytton magician 001

Paul Lytton magician   I come across this feller pretty regularly, always at weddings, but sometimes in the company of King Carlos of Spain and other such folks . . . The pictures below were taken when I noticed him entertaining guests at the wedding of Laura and Ryan at Jesmond Dene House in Newcastle.   the pictures beg for captions ! The wedding guests are posed, almost like figures in a painting.   I tell you what . . . I’ll have a think about it, and then I’ll put some captions on the pictures.   in the meantime …

Newcastle wedding photographer Alan Mason

newcastle wedding photographer

Newcastle wedding photographer Alan Mason   Laura and Ryan were married at St Charles Church, Gosforth. Theirs was a winter wedding,  so . . . our story begins on a cold, crisp, bright winters day . . .   Above – you see St Charles Church Gosforth – the brilliant blue sky in the morning was an unexpected surprise – we’d had endless rain and wind for days before the wedding ! At Lauras parents home, close to the St Charles Church Gosforth, we find some shoes hovering about the place and some champagne appears to be flowing. Laura looks …

Judges Hotel wedding – it was a church really . . . :)

Kennedy is from Australia which explains why he is wearing a kilt in some of the pictures. Jessica and Kennedy were married at a little church in Heighington then they swooshed over to a place called Judges Hotel in Cleveland.   Judges is near to Kirklevington, and in Cleveland (I think !).   I amble firstly into Redworth Hall – (Redworth Hall is a hotel near to the Church), I find Jessica and the bridesmaids getting ready there.   Above – you see some details – including my pet Elk called Doris. Elk, I hear you say . . . ? …