North East wedding

doxford Hall wedding picture

North East weddings can be fun, we have lots of interesting wedding venues to play with and in each – all it takes is an enquiring mind and an alternative viewpoint to create an image of interest that no one has seen before.  

wedding marquee Northumberland

Emma and Keith were married in the heart of Northumberland and had their wedding reception in a marquee on their farm.   The fabulous weather (and of course the fabulous countryside ) made for some pretty darned lovely wedding pictures.   We started the day at the church, did the churchy things, hello – seen you before somewhere – here’s a ring oh – I’ve got one for you too . . . ooh we’re married. That’s doing a great disservice to the church really – the church was in Mitford, it’s ancient – with medieval origins, its a flipping historic …

Otterburn Castle pictures

otterburn castle pictures

Otterburn Castle pictures Andrew and Sarah were married in a church, then went on to have their wedding reception at Otterburn Castle some pictures below !   Andrew is a seaman, a matelot, a man who roves the ocean waves, so that makes sense of the little note found on the wedding morning. It’s a really touching thought once you know the background to it. One bride, very pretty, being readied for the most important day of her life. A piper toots on those bagpipe things (they are very noisy things, I can tell  you !) and the guys arrive, …

Otterburn Castle wedding

otterburn castle

Otterburn Castle Weddings Here are one or two (or three) pictures from the wedding of Angela and David, at Otterburn Castle, Northumberland Theirs was a winter wedding, so, to set the scene – there are pictures of mist and frost . . . And from the atmospheric shadows in a room with leaded windows and small conical christmas trees on the window sill we se some figures emerging from the mist, carrying wedding things . . . the day begins ! Wedding things happen, a pretty girl arrives, dressed in red (it’s Christmas !) an old kilted and bearded feller …

Doxford Hall wedding

doxford hall wedding picture

Doxford Hall wedding An outdoor wedding in England . . . yes, you heard it . . . outdoors, and you know what the weather can be like in England ! insane or inspired ? you decide ! Here are a tiny selection of pictures from Sandra and Bryans lovely Doxford Hall wedding. You will notice that dogs are in evidence at this wedding this is not simply by chance You see – Sandra ( and who can blame her) absolutely loves her dogs and wanted them to be part of her wedding day. Why not !! . . . …

Headlam Hall

headlam hall durham wedding photographer

Headlam Hall Durham wedding photographer Alan Mason

Langley Castle northumberland wedding

langley castle northumberland wedding pictures_0175

Daryn and Lisa flew all the way from Canada to be married in the medieval castle at Langley on Tyne, Hexham. You might notice some unusual uniforms at this wedding, think . . . Canadian Police force . . . maybe . . . the mounties ?

Langley Castle Northumberland wedding

langley castle northumberland wedding

Phil and Alison were married at Langley Castle, Phil is a modelmaker, as in, model aeroplanes . . . and no – they aren’t made from plastic, they’re flipping big replicas they’re often used as film props, and some of them even have jet engines in them! here are just a few pictures of their lovely wedding day at Langley Castle.