Carlisle wedding reception for Sarah and Jim, on New Years Eve

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Sarah and Jim were married at Beltingham Church, Northumberland then went on to have their wedding reception in Carlisle. We have pictures from Beltingham Church, some of those pictures will follow later. Beltingham has a lovely little church, with a very kind and helpful vicar, called Judith. here is a tiny little preview of the wedding pictures guess where they’re taken . . Beltingham, or Carlisle . . .     Oh . . We tried to take some pictures inside of Carlisle Cathedral doorway we were quiet, respectful, and only planned to take one picture, with no flash on …

North East Wedding photographer sends festive greetings . . .

  North East wedding photographer sends festive greetings !   to Martyn and Kelly !   Pictured here on the night of their wedding day Or . . . on the wedding day night   Or  . . .   in the evening, after their wedding . . . (I wasn’t sure how best to put that into words !)   O.K. the wedding wasn’t actually in North East England, they were married in Bradford, which might be considered to be Northern England ? So . . it’s a Northern England wedding photograph.   Actually, no . . . forget …

A creative wedding photographer in North East England, sends Seasons Greetings !

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North East wedding photographer makes original picture ! wow . . . Actually, oddly enough, I make lots of original pictures. Every wedding is different, each couple are different.   So – above, we have an original work of art, or at least an original wedding photograph taken at a secret wedding venue in the North East.   Well,  it isn’t really a secret wedding venue, and rather than saying it’s in the North East, it might be better to say that it’s in Northumberland.   If you know your North East wedding venues, you’ll have guessed the venue straight …

Longhirst Hall wedding

Longhirst Hall wedding   Just a wee small tiny little picture from Laura and Davids wedding at Longhirst Hall   taken in the gallery above the entrance hallway of Longhirst Hall, and making use of the victorian looking balloon globe lights.   dark, moody, mysterious.   a bit of fun really !  

Gisborough Hall

Gisborough Hall wedding photography . .                

Langley Castle Winter Wedding, Sara and Liam

langley castle winter wedding prices photography

Sara and Liam were married at Langley Castle in the winter so .. we have a Langley Castle Winter wedding on our hands here . .   and what do we get in winter ( not always but more frequently in recent years . . )   SNOW !!          

Art Wedding images

Art Wedding images   sometimes, images defy classification – are they posed, unposed, contrived – uncontrived or just ‘grab shots’ ? and sometimes, the best description for such images just has to be Art Images. here’s one . . . more to follow . . .