Alnwick Castle wedding

Alnwick Castle wedding pictures

Jen and Glen are Americans

not only are they Americans,
but they both live in America
you are thinking . . . this not unusual for Americans . . .

when they decided to marry in England,
they brought their families over here to join them.

Their rather lovely wedding was at Alnwick Castle.

northumberland wedding pictures

The family spent the wedding morning in some cottages in Northumberland.
I turned up there and found girls doing girly things.

Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

This being England, we found a London bus to be a convenient mode of transport
(to get the guests to the wedding).Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

The wedding party suggest a picture of themselves walking,
I wonder . . . where would they walk to ?

then we hit upon the idea of walking up the street in Alnwick and stopping the traffic.

We did have a lookout posted behind these guys . . .
because a fast moving and poor sighted old lady in a car,
hurtling up the road and desperate to get to her favourite old ladys underwear shop,
could have caused carnage at this point.

oh . . . you came to this page to see an

Alnwick Castle wedding

ok then . . . here goes . . .

Alnwick Castle wedding photographer_0004Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

Inside the castle – we find a violinist fiddling, and a bunch of nervous fellers waiting.Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

Bride arrives, looking rather good.

man reads speech, man marries woman. Alnwick CasAlnwick Castle wedding photographertle wedding photographer_0006

Rings are exchanged, as is customary at a wedding.Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

Canapes and drinks were then served in the courtyard.Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

the assembled guests then decided to have a picture with a chunk of castle behind them,

I think this is a great idea, until I realise how far I have to step back to get a decent sized chunk of castle in the picture.

cunningly . . . I use a long lens to pick out the guests,

they’re waving, and probably yelling at me   ‘we’re over here’Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

The guests then disperse to various parts of the castle,

and we nab a swift couple of pictures of Jen and Glen.
Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

Alnwick Castle wedding photographer_0012

top hats were in evidence at this wedding,

below, you see an attempt to make a pyramid from top hats.

(and a bridesmaid who has nobbled some fellers hat).Alnwick Castle wedding photographer Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

the bride and groom make an entrance into the hall at Alnwick castle,

shortly before this happened,

the DJ Colin Cook  click here for Colins website

informed me that the bride and groom were going to do ‘this American thing, where they dance under everyones arms . .’

I said to Colin the DJ . . .
‘I wonder how I’m going to photograph that . . . ? ‘

about 10 seconds later . . .  the music started.
I thought, ‘flippin heck . . . think quickly . . .’

so I ran to the end of the ‘arm arches’ and photographed the bride and grooms arrival into the room from there.

Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

Then. . . first dance (before the wedding breakfast).Alnwick Castle wedding photographer Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

and speeches. Jens father is shown making his speech (to the left)

he explained to me that he is a librarian,

and a more good humoured, gentle man you could not wish to meet.Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

oh . . . I nearly forgot . . .

this was an Alnwick Castle wedding . . . so you will want to see some pictures showing the castle.

here goes . . .Alnwick Castle wedding photographer

northumberland wedding pictures

We take a wander about the castle environs,

and find some rather tranquil places to make pictures.northumberland wedding pictures Alnwick Castle wedding pictures

zipping back inside the castle

(we had to use a siege engine, scaling ladders, 300 bowmen and a couple of cannons to get back through the doorway)

we find that those naughty bridesmaids have stolen the mens hats

and are wearing them on the dance floor.

DJ Colin Cook

yes . . . this is a link to Colins website

then played ‘you can keep your hat on’

which in the circumstances . . . was quite funny.

Alnwick Castle wedding pictures Alnwick Castle wedding pictures

oh . . . we found a statue of some feller in a suit of armour on a horse

so we made a picture.

(the feller, I believe, was Harry Hotspur, that may or may not mean something to you)

but if it doesn’t mean anything to you – then he’s some medieval feller on a horse . . . northumberland wedding pictures

Alnwick Castle wedding pictures

we complete this rather wonderful day with a couple of pictures around the castle.

we didn’t need to use the cannons to get back in

(we used a secret doorway).Alnwick Castle wedding pictures

Thank you  Jen and Glen, for allowing me to be a small part of your lovely Alnwick Castle wedding.

every memory is a total pleasure.