Allerton Castle wedding

allerton castle wedding photographs

Laura and Michael were married at Ampleforth Abbey,
then swooshed onwards to their wedding reception at Allerton Castle.

The pictures below . . . give a smidge of a flavour of their rather lovely wedding day.

gina wedding shoes yorkshire wedding

At Lauras parents house, I find that someone called Gina has been writing on the brides shoes.

yorkshire wedding pictures_0002

The atmosphere is absolutely filled with smiles and laughter
(fuelled just a tiny bit, by bubbly stuff).


ampleforth abbey wedding pictures

At Ampleforth Abbey Church, Michael and his merry men are ready and waiting for Laura.

ampleforth abbey wedding pictures

Laura arrives with her father (and bridesmaids)
then disappears into the vastness of Ampleforth Abbey Church.

(she didn’t REALLY disappear . . . that would be silly,
but it is a big place . . . that’s the point I was making . . . )

ampleforth abbey wedding pictures

The wedding service is conducted by Father Wulstan.
Wulstan . . . that is one heck of a good name !

Note to prospective parents :
If you have a little boy . . . you should christen him Wulstan,
it beats Nigel or any of those modern sorts of names . . .

I guarantee that your little Wulstan will be the only one in his class !

ampleforth abbey wedding pictures

service ongoing . .
I particularly liked the shafts of sunlight streaming through the clerestory windows.

( use of the word clerestory indicates that I know my way around a church . . . just a bit 🙂 )

(I’m showing off now . . . the pictures are more important really . . .

I’ll get on with showing you more Ampleforth Abbey wedding pictures . . . ampleforth abbey wedding photographs

It’s a spectacular place isn’t it !
ampleforth abbey wedding photographs

During the wedding, I spend quite a bit of time climbing and clambering about,
finding ever more interesting angles and viewpoints.
ampleforth abbey wedding photographs

The register is signed – Laura and Michael then share a giggle
whilst the monk has the marriage certificate witnessed.ampleforth abbey wedding photographs

above : walk down the aisle, everyone waves for the camera, confetti flies

and then . . .

cars magically appear and spirit the bridal party away to their

Allerton Castle wedding reception.ampleforth abbey wedding photographs

Arriving at Allerton Castle, I follow some guests up the driveway
towards this strange looking gothic pilewith turrets prodding the sky

like some sort of mad victorian haunted house.
allerton castle wedding pictures

A string quartet pluck and strum,
Laura and Michael make a grand entrance,
Laura looks stunning in one of the rooms at Allerton Castle.
allerton castle wedding pictures

Ah, a cake . . . and some interesting details are found inside . . .allerton castle wedding pictures

The dining room at Allerton Castle.

(at least, I THINK it’s the dining room,

it has some tables set for the wedding breakfast, so that’s what I’m basing my assumption on . . . )

allerton castle wedding pictures

Speeches and various kinds of merriment ensue.allerton castle wedding pictures

I hurtle about the building looking for things to photograph.

and find Laura and Michael looking rather good outside.allerton castle wedding photographs

The sun goes down. Laura and Michael take to the dance floor . . .

allerton castle wedding photographs

Thank you Laura and Michael, for allowing me to make your wedding pictures.
The memory of every moment – is an absolute pleasure.