North East wedding photographer encounters nice vicar

North East wedding photographer encounters nice vicar . . .

OK. so I’m a wedding photographer – and I tend to (but don’t exclusively) work in the North East of England.

Often – I begin the day where the bride is getting ready.
Some photographers like to pose pictures like the one below.
I prefer to simply photograph ‘what’s happening’.

The reason being – you can get a perfect picture of a girl having her hair done,
or her makeup applied – eyes glancing into a strategically placed mirror etc.

But the downside of posing that sort of thing – is that it takes time.

It stops the hairdresser or makeup artist from doing their job.
In my humble experience – about half of the brides that I’ve encountered over the years,
have been late because the hair or makeup took a long time.

So – stopping a makeup artist from working – even for a few minutes,
disrupting her flow of work – is simply asking for trouble.

Also – I think it’s nicer to have a natural picture – one that isn’t posed at all,
which shows smiles and expressions that really happened – not manufactured smiles,
created just for the camera.

Maybe I’m a purist. But maybe I’m also a realist . . .

you decide !

North East wedding photographer


Above – Hair being adjusted for one beautiful bride ! No posing involved !.


North East wedding photographer


North East wedding photographer

Pictures during the wedding service – this is pretty normal for me.

However – beware the selfish C of E vicar !
Your church may not actually allow photography !

Catholic Churches, have always allowed me to photograph the wedding, Methodist Churches have also always been fine with photography,
Baptist Churches, Sikh Temples, you name it – I’ve been to them all, and they’re all happy with photography.
They actually smile and welcome the photographer.

But you’ll find that about 20% of  Vicars in the Church of England,
for some mysterious reason of their own – do not allow couples to have any photographic memories of their wedding.

I say reason of their own – because they always quote a ‘reason’,
and the funny thing is – each Church of England vicar who claims to have a problem with photography –  quotes a different reason.

The wedding on this page, had a Church of England Vicar who was a really nice guy –
he welcomed me to his church, and just let me get on with my job,
and I didn’t get in the way of him doing his job.
Full marks to this splendid fellow. I wish that they were all like him.

p.s.  only about 20% of Church of England vicars that I’ve encountered have greeted me with
a thin lipped smile and a ‘hello – we don’t allow photographs’ statement.

So this leads me to believe – that 80% of Church of England vicars are actually Christians, who want only the best for their fellow man.
I’m not sure about the 20%. But that’s their problem.






North East wedding photographer

Here – our couple, Jodi and Jamie, are seen emerging from Church and making their way to their car.


North East wedding photographer

Right . .  posed pictures.

I do sometimes make posed pictures.

The picture above – in the white circular room (the music room),

was taken on the same spot that Jamie had proposed to Jodi – and the proposal led to this wedding day.



North East wedding photographer

Above – this isn’t a fashion model on a fashion shoot.

It’s a real bride on her wedding day. It’s Jodi. She’s looking fab.

North East wedding photographer


I bet that you’re wondering how we ended up in a big old mansion thing that looks as if it hasn’t been lived in for years . . .


romantic wedding photograph


Well – it’s actually an old castle – and Jamie owns it.

which explains why he proposed to his lady here . . .

It’s a lovely story eh ?

and perhaps the pictures aren’t too bad either !