Newcastle city centre wedding

vermont hotel sky bar wedding picture

Who wants to photograph a wedding in Newcastle City Centre ? O.K.  so, with traffic delays, congestion, parking problems to consider . . . Well . . . it depends … Read More

Otterburn Castle wedding pictures

Otterburn Castle wedding pictures some pictures from the wonderful crazy simply perfect wedding day of Rachel and Alexander at Otterburn Castle in Northumberland.   In case you’re wondering where Otterburn … Read More

Newton Hall wedding pictures

  Clouds like puffs of cotton wool smoke, dance across a horizon painted softly in dusky pink and blue. Hannah and James had wanted a sunset picture and maybe a picture … Read More

marriage proposal . . .

One man totally in love (Shyam) + one beautiful girl (Sara) + one helicopter + one tractor + one diamond ring = I do ! Quite a story eh ? This is … Read More

Wedding photographer Scottish Borders

wedding photographer scottish borders

Wedding Photographer Scottish Borders You’ll notice that I entitled this page ‘ Wedding photographer Scottish Borders’ well – that’s just to help you to find me if you’re in the … Read More

North East wedding

doxford Hall wedding picture

North East weddings can be fun, we have lots of interesting wedding venues to play with and in each – all it takes is an enquiring mind and an alternative … Read More

wedding marquee Northumberland

Emma and Keith were married in the heart of Northumberland and had their wedding reception in a marquee on their farm.   The fabulous weather (and of course the fabulous … Read More

Otterburn Castle pictures

otterburn castle pictures

Otterburn Castle pictures Andrew and Sarah were married in a church, then went on to have their wedding reception at Otterburn Castle some pictures below !   Andrew is a … Read More